“Remember that time you quit Twitter”


One of the Ebook Backers noticed that while the essays in the ebook (and on this blog) talk about how I zero’d out my Twitter account after a month long hiatus – but as of his reading – I was as active as ever.

Yes – as they say on The Facebooks – It’s complicated.

Since the release of #newtwitter, I’ve noticed – consistent with Twitter Corps intentions – 90% of my interaction with Twitter don’t require an account, or interaction with fellow tweakers.

Add in the reports saying a tweet’s lifespan is between 5 minutes and 1 hour Twitter is too close to screaming into the abyss for me.

@garrickvanburen has been permanently deactivated.

Update 2 Dec 2010:
In the 2+ months since I’ve deactivated my Twitter account – 3 people (out of more than 1300 followers) have noticed enough to ask me about it.

Other Qwitters:

“I’ve been fortunate to escape..” – Daniel Bachhuber

“After the initial thrill of discovering that past and present could be joined together in a synaptic twist of fate, the intoxicating rush of chemicals began to wear off, exposing a hole that drained all of my original enthusiasm, reducing me to a caricature of my former self.” – Stephen Gordon

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