Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron: Advertising Doesn’t Work

“The point I was making is that we are not happy with advertising right now.” – Andrew Baron

If anyone was going to figure advertising-on-serial-media out, I was sure Andrew would. Not that I think it makes sense or is even a good idea.

From my post on the Ze Frank / RocketBoom geek fight last October:

“…there are many other ways to make a living than advertising. Sure, none of them are fashionable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

That said, I think the RocketBoom team has already figured out how to make money with their daily video blog. The same way I make money from this blog and the First Crack Podcast:

“…the video blog has become kind of a loss leader and a promotional device for the real money.” – Frank Barnako

Now, I’m not doing work for Nokia or John Edwards, but, on a blog, the author is the advertisement still stands. 😉


“What I do know is [Earthlink] had a lot of opportunity to inform me, and by going with that vague and horrible spot they did, they pissed away their money on warm fuzzies instead of telling me something I could act on.” – Dave Slusher

Maybe that’s the real reason advertisers aren’t excited about podcasting.

3 thoughts on “Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron: Advertising Doesn’t Work

  1. my own personal feeling is the the ubiquitous and endless search for sponsorship is a futile quest in that it inevitably will result in the very thing that drove people to start podcasting in the firstplace. however, i think it’s existence is a interesting sociological phenomena and a window to the heart and soul of every podcaster. just what IS their motivation after all? the trasparency is a beautiful thing.

  2. I think Ze Frank’s The Show had an excellent advertising model… show a tiny billboard type clip at the end of a video.

    You have a captive audience for 5 seconds, until the viewer decides what to click next. Billboard ads have done thins for decades.

  3. Bex, thanks for the reminder. I think Ze’s gimme some candy revenue model is pretty cool as well.

    Though, I’d rather see the candy tied directly to a specific post – not the proceeding one – then there’s a clearer messaging about which ones are really good over time.

    Now that the show’s over, all the posts are equal.

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