Shrug, Corkboard, Shrug

After much hemming and hawing. I picked up an Android phone this week.

It feels like settling. It solves a couple short term problems – but overall, it doesn’t really move the needle.

Additionally, I’m reminded of something I wrote 2 1/2 years ago.

“After years of hauling multiple toolboxes from rented apartment to rented apartment to rented apartment, what I really needed was a better understanding of how use use these tools.”

“The corkboard shrugged.”

One thought on “Shrug, Corkboard, Shrug

  1. This post makes me realize how mich time I spend thinking about digital tools when what would make my life measurably better is getting a basic set of tool tools. It’s nearly impossible to find a screw driver in my house but you can access the internet in any room of the house. Which is fine but it means lots of small tasks that require a Phillips screwdriver get set off while we all sit around and watch videos of cats riding around on Roombas. I’m heading to the hardware store now.

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