“The term for what I did is opt-out.”

Back in May, I wrote Turn On, Tune In, Opt Out. I’m increasingly confident that it’s the next big trend in technology.

For the past 7 years, my bellwether for innovative, compelling, new technologies has been Dave Winer. Even before Google+ has been opened up to the general Google public – he’s taken a look and said, no thanks.

“I wish they didn’t use words like ‘downgrade’ and ‘deleted in the opt-out process. That’s so super-dramatic, self-important and one-sided. And makes me want to not try it again, even if you make some of the changes I’d like to see. I don’t see it as a downgrade, I see it as restoring sanity. And I didn’t delete anything because I never created anything in your stupid social network. Lighten up. The term for what I did is opt-out. That’s what you should call it.” – Dave Winer

DuckDuckGo is looking more attractive every day.