Not Like I Actually Collect Viruses

It’s Friday and I’m about 95% of normal.

For the second time this year – I collected a strange virus. I found this one Monday afternoon. It’s similar to the flu in that it takes you out for days on end. Though, unlike the flu – there was no fever. And I caught it in June, not January.

Here’s how to identify it on the street:

  • a constant, massive, throbbing, unthinkable, headache for 4-days straight
  • just enough nausea to make you not trust eating
  • chills and heat flashes cycle through a couple of times a day
  • whole body aches for the first 2 days
  • swollen glands and a scratchy throat the 2nd 2 days

I treated it with 10-15 hours of sleep a night and a few doses of regular-strength acetaminophen.

It was unpleasant, unexpected, disorienting, and nameless. I hope we never meet again.