Wanted: Recommendations on 32″ LCD HDTV

We’re moving into a new house this weekend and we’re pondering an upgrade to a wall-mountable, LCD, HDTV, 16:9, something reasonable like 32″, and somewhere south of $1500.

If possible, I’d like something with an HD-tuner already built-in.

Any thoughts?

Here’s what I’ve found thus far that looks promising:

Jen and I stopped by the Roseville Circuit City to take a look at some of these. Justin (Senior Sales Something) walked us through HDTV technology, wall-mounting techniques, over-the-air antennas, even how to connect our Tivo. Rock on.

Even showed us this Magnavox 32″ HDTV that we quite liked. Though it’s his least favorite.

UPDATE 02 May 2006:
We picked up the Magnavox last night. We’ve very happy with it. Though, I’m far less happy with Tivo right now for two reasons:

  1. Tivo freaked out because it couldn’t call home and I’m pretty sure we lost everything in our queue. Though, we won’t find out until we get DSL installed later in the week.
  2. Tivo doesn’t see the .# channels (i.e. 11.1, 17.5) that our HDTV can receive. Meaning, we’re stuck with the standard definition resolution for Tivo recordings. So, Tivo went from very useful to nearly useless in 48 hrs.

UPDATE 12 May 2006:
The Digital Tuner on the Magnavox died after just a couple days. We brought it back to Circuit City and swapped it out for another one. Fantastic experience. When I mentioned the problem to the sales guy, he replied, “That’s not uncommon.”

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Recommendations on 32″ LCD HDTV

  1. Go with Sharp. When it comes to LCD quality, they are the best in the world. My second choice will be the Samsung, it should be less expensive, the quality is not quite on par with the Sharp, but still very good.

  2. Hey cousin – talk to Russ, technology geek husband of mine…he’s an expert.

    Good luck with the move, Dawn

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