What I Read in the Sunday Paper – Sept 11, 2005

I started ignoring the Star Tribune’s OpEx section almost immediately after we signed up for the Sunday home delivery. I was expecting well thought through logical arguments rather than the ‘look-a-shiny-thing-that-supports-my-position’ ignorance so popular on television “news”. But, like I said, I don’t read it.

Today, I started reading the headline. Half way into the article, I realized I read this before. Of course, it’s the Thomas Friedman piece I read 4 days ago online. Yeah, it’s a good piece. But um, this is the Minneapolis Star Tribune not the New York Times. If I wanted to read the New York Times, I’d read the New York Times. Christ. I’m looking to the Strib for a local take on events, not a repeat of what I’ve already read from East Coasters.

Here’s the rest of what I paid attention to this Sunday, September 11, 2005:

  • Money & Business; skimmed the headline – on how Katrina won’t effect our economy as much as 9/11. Read the first half of the data recovery story. That was actually interesting – small local company recovering the hard drives damaged in the Lake George flood. Comment & question to the Strib M&B editor; the caption and photo in Ross Levin’s article made no sense. Should I expect a photo of last original German-made VW Beetle every time you need to quickly fill column inches?
  • Variety; Skimmed headlines, nothing seemed very interesting. Read horoscope – something about being more mature about money.
  • Arts & Entertainment; Read the callouts on Green Day and the upcoming SoundUnseen festival. Reminds me, Andrew Gruhn‘s putting together a podcast for it, keep an eye on PodcastMN for it.
  • Metro; Read the profile of mayoral candidate Farheen Hakeem. I’m glad she’s running. It’s good to have a young, Muslim, Green party, woman running against a sea of middle-age white men. Since I’m not in Mpls proper, I first heard about Farheen from Peter Idusogie on Inside Minnesota Politics.
  • Comics; Calvin & Hobbes (I agree with Mark, it’s good to have Calvin back, even in reruns), Get Fuzzy, Doonesbury, Dilbert, For Better or Worse, Close to Home, Boondocks, 9 Chickweed Lane (clever, real clever)
  • Opinion; The headline said it was going to compare Minneapolis and Vancouver, cool. It didn’t (double checked to make sure I wasn’t in the Travel section). Paged through, nothing else seemed competent.
  • Best Buy weekly ad; looks like I have all the electronics I need right now
  • Circuit City weekly ad; huh, DVD-R’s for $.25 each. Now if it only didn’t take forever to burn a DVD.

Looks like I missed this good article on Edina Rep. Ron Erhardt wanting to actually solve transportation problems. Thanks to the Minnesota Politics Guru for pointing it out. This bloggers-as-mass-media-filter seems to be working real well.