Towards a New Beer City

“I think it’s very real, it’s here to stay. We’re on the cusp of a movement here and I think we’ll probably replicate what Portland or Denver have in terms of 80 or 90 craft breweries.” – Peter Remes, president First & First.

Last week Tom Elko and I went to Stouts Pub for beers. We did a tasting tour of Minnesota craft breweries:

Congrats to Minneapolis and Minnesota for having a so many delicious beer options that aren’t Summit – or even Surly. What a difference a few years and a few legislative changes can make.

Minnebar to the Stone Arch .5k

On Saturday, I ran down to Best Buy Corporate HQ to present a session on ‘Do Not Track’ and one on Font Pairings at Minnebar 6

Then after grabbing a quick slice of pizza, I caught the first annual Stone Arch .5k race.

Yes – .5k. From the north end of the Stone Arch bridge to the front door of the Aster cafe.

Both events were not to be missed – and I’m glad I was able to make both. I spent the whole day smiling and laughing harder and longer than I have in quite some time.

For the goofy enthusiasm and community-building nature of both are why I love Minneapolis so much.

Additionally – I didn’t even need to change my clothes in-between.

Here’s me attempting to make font pairings interesting:

Here’s me attempting to make the .5k interesting:

First Crack #126. Hardware Startups with Matt Bauer

PedalBrain‘s Matt Bauer and I talk about the challenges, capital requirements, and multi-year timelines inherent in bringing a retail hardware product to market.

He talks about the recent epiphany he had with PedalBrain and how that enlightenment has helped him through these challenges.

Listen to Hardware Startups with Matt Bauer. [31 min]