Disc Drives to Go the Way of Disc Drives

I predict in 2 years, Apple will start shipping computers lacking CD/DVD drives.

Why Apple? They were the first to drop 3.5″ floppy drives, Zip drives, and modems.

So, how will big, heavy software installs (like OS’s) be shipped? I’m thinking USB flash drives or network connections. What else is the .Mac storage and a NetBoot good for?

Maybe they’ll get real crazy and ship an OS X install on all iPods by default.

No, I’ve got nothing more than a hunch on this. A hunch and a more discs than I’ll ever need.

UPDATE, 22 months later:

“How’s Apple making it so much thinner than current MacBooks? By eliminating the optical disk drive” – John Gruber

3 thoughts on “Disc Drives to Go the Way of Disc Drives

  1. Network connections, fershure.

    That new Firefox extension that will let users stream files directly to each other is just the tip of the iceberg. Transitional storage media is soooo 2005!

    It will also give Apple a LOT more control over users, making it harder to pirate operating systems and software.

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