DroidDoes is the Anti-1984 Ad

25 years ago, Apple announced their new, friendlier, easier-to-use personal computer with the iconic 1984 ad where a heroine throws a hammer – taking down a non-descript technical figure.

Tonight, I watched Verizon’s new DroidDoes.com ad. Verizon is declaring Apple’s iPhone is too friendly, too simplified, too limiting – what you need is a non-descript technical figure to remedy that.

This ad is more than a direct attack on the iPhone – it’s a direct attack on more humane technology offerings. A return to 1983.

This is not a position I encourage other Android providers to take.

Yes, the iPhone does have weaknesses – humanity isn’t one of them.

2 thoughts on “DroidDoes is the Anti-1984 Ad

  1. “Yes, the iPhone does have weaknesses – humanity isn’t one of them.”

    Maybe not in the user interface, but in the apps area it does. The whole situation surrounding that probably wouldn’t have been so bad if the reply emails had personal responses for why it got removed. Instead of the canned responses developers get currently.

    Otherwise your quote is spot on.

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