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$0 is No Longer an Innovation

“I wish there were a for-pay service I could switch to which would be easy and fast and nothing would break. I think the free email has killed off all the good for-pay email.” – Dave Winer

From Opt Out’s ‘Free as in Lunch’ chapter:

“An email client that can handle today’s daily onslaught of email hasn’t been released. The $0 price tag has effectively killed any re-thinking of the email and the email application as a whole. This means our understanding and experience with one of the most mature, open, and decentralized communications technology is frozen in a time before any of my, and perhaps your, children were born.” – Garrick van Buren, Opt Out

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Opting Out of Gmail

“I want to continue using the Google tools I love without the risk of loosing my online identity by doing something I didn’t know was prohibited (I am still not sure why that Google Adsense account is gone), without the work involved in understanding the entire Google ecosystem to manage my privacy, and without constant distraction by the latest gadgets Google came up with. Dropping Gmail is how I achieve this.” – Neubertify

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