The Ongoing Beer List

On the tail of a Twitter conversation on Wisconsin beers and a renewed interest in homebrewing seemed like a perfect time to write up my favorite beers.

My Homebrew Favorites

  1. Owd Potters Field Ale
  2. Sour Cider – Mach II
  3. Sour Cider – Mach I
  4. Aloysius Amber Rye – 2011

Top 5 Anytime, Anywhere Beers

  1. Rush River Unforgiven
  2. Rush River ÜberAlt
  3. North Coast Brewing Red Seal Ale
  4. Affligem Abbey Blond
  5. Two Brothers Brewing’s Cane and Ebel

Special Occasion Beers
One beer at the end of a great day:

Killing time on a beautiful spring afternoon at the train station near Hannover:

In Belgium on vacation:

Weekend on the river in northern Wisconsin:

  • Leinenkugels Red
  • Leinenkugels Creamy Dark (after sunset with a campfire)

In Minneapolis (or Portland), watching a local bike derby under pouring rain in October with empties as the course marker:

  • PBR

Reading William Gibson

  • Tsingtao

(more later)

2 thoughts on “The Ongoing Beer List

  1. I loves me some PBR tallboys but if I was in Portland, that’s the last beer I’d be drinking! They have so many microbrews to chose from that you can’t get here.

  2. I saw Rush River while dining out the other night. I REALLY wanted to try it, but…well…the labels are kind of ugly.

    I know, I know…

    WILL try it next time I’m out!

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