The need for a new news system

Earlier this week, a natural gas main ruptured on the other side of the block.

Our block and half a dozen other surrounding blocks were evacuated.

There were no 30 foot flames shooting into the air. Just the constant sounds of gas leaking into the atmosphere at high pressure.

It could have been worse.

Much worse.

But it wasn’t – so word of the rupture and evacuation was isolated. A couple general sentences in the Star Tribune, Twitter, and KSTP through out the day.

Communication to the affected families. I sensed the fire department was getting frustrated at repeating himself to each citizen that walked up.

Then again how would he have communicated status of the repair to ~60 evacuated households?

My Proposal for an Open-Source Community News Platform

One thought on “The need for a new news system

  1. I’ve been thinking this for years. We need some sort of social network based on neighborhoods. Location-aware Twitter is close (see what is trending near me) but not useful for asynchronous events (like finding out about the morning gas leak near home from work later in the day).

    I’d do it, but I’m not smart enough.

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