The New Dad Book Needing To Be Written

We’ve Got Money, What We Need is You
A New Dad’s Family Handbook

The first time around, we picked up the stereotypical new parent books. If any of you are having your first child – you only need one of those books. Go to the bookstore, page through them all, buy the one that makes you smile.

Chances are, it won’t be The Expectant Father or any other of the “serious” New Dad books. As my college roommate warned – all those books do is amplify the sense of financial inadequacy (all?) new dads feel and the need to double the instinct to “provide”.


There needs to be another book – one encouraging being present in the new family.

Any candidates?

UPDATE: Dan Brown recommends Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads. A second?

4 thoughts on “The New Dad Book Needing To Be Written

  1. Dads don’t waste time reading books about raising kids. We also don’t read our car’s user manual or ask for directions. We typically figure out fix things after they’re broke and a bit of duct tape goes a long way. We just wing it. And while it may not be the best solution, things seem to work out in the end.

    Parenting books, IMHO, do nothing but make us paranoid.

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