RE: Crushing the life out of the iPhone ecosystem

A couple years back, after ‘getting’ the idea of having all my favorite audio with me at a moment’s click – I had grown bored of my then new 40gb iPod. A few minutes of searching and I found Doc Searls link about the iPod Platform. Suddenly, I was neck-deep in podcasting. Even in those early days, the open, informal, deep-dive nature of podcasting made my iPod interesting again in a way the closed iTunes Music Store just didn’t.

From another early days MN podcasters – emphasis mine:

“As a stockholder, I’m concerned about the command-n-control, draconian measures being exhibited by Apple around the iPhone and what that is doing to any semblance of an iPhone ecosystem. I’m also bored with a stock iPhone and was really enjoying what the ecosystem was delivering.” – Steve Borsch

I’ll be excited about the iPhone when it’s more of an ecosystem and less of a museum artifact. Looks like that time will be in February 2008 🙂

5 thoughts on “RE: Crushing the life out of the iPhone ecosystem

  1. The closed nature of the Mac world is being amplified by the way we allow our cell phone companies to operate in the US. The whole series of episodes related to the recent iPhone release has left a bad taste for Apple for many of us who now feel a little duped.

  2. Meh. Not to sound too much like an Apple fan-boy, but I like the iPhone as is. I could really care less that it is not an open platform. It works a heck of a lot better than most cell phones out there. My Razr was open enough, but I have to say that there was not one single 3rd party application that was worth installing.

  3. does today’s iphone sdk announcement render this all moot? you have to believe that was their intention all along, no?

  4. dav3 – yes, it does make it much more attractive. Overall, Apple’s managing of the iPhone changes so much, that it makes me wonder if they were caught off guard by the reaction and the issues or if they hadn’t fully thought things through.

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