5 thoughts on “We’re Not the Source of Waste

  1. People keep buying stuff with lots of unnecessary packaging.

    Retailers won’t stop selling it unless people stop buying it or laws force them to change their packaging.

  2. You’re right Luke, people do keep buying stuff with unnecessary packaging.
    Shame on them for not choosing one of the non-existant minimally packaged products out in the market.

  3. Steven, that was my point, sorry if I didn’t make it clear.

    Less wasteful packaging isn’t available and won’t be unless people demand it (which I consider unlikely) or laws are written forcing manufacturers to use less.

  4. Not only is packaging wasteful, it’s consumer hostile.

    Why do I need 2 different screwdrivers, wiresnips, and a box of bandages to take a $10 plastic toy out of a box? I’m then left with a dozen screws, umpteen random plastic parts, twisties, plastic wrap and the cardboard box.

    Best place to buy toys? The consignment shop. NO packaging, plus everything is retro in that few things need batteries (another source of pointless waste).

    We’re cleaning out the basement to get ready to remodel. I have a giant pile of expanded polystyrene blocks from various products purchased throughout the years. The kicker is that they don’t pick this up curbside. So it’s basically a bunch of useless space that I have to throw out one-by-one as I find a bit of space in the trash can each week (I refuse to pay for the giant can).

    I think we all need to get in the habit of stopping at the exit at Target, unpackage all of our stuff and ask them to throw it in their recycling dumpster thankyouverymuch.

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