Twitter Updates for 2008-01-21

  • ok. this proves it – football needs snow to be interesting. bitter cold just don’t do it for me. #
  • @swirlspice – we’re Tivo-ing Amazing Race and catch it after the football game. #
  • wishes had an RSS feed w/ enclosures. #
  • thinks he’s a ‘foul weather fan’ of the Packers. Maybe even a ‘fowl weather fan’. Football + migrating ducks could be interesting. #
  • is glad he’s on this side of the WI border right now. #
  • asks: Why isn’t TiVo just a USB stick yet? Just a fat flash drive w/ wifi & co-ax/hdmi. My Series 2 box is fugly. Series 3 isn’t any better. #
  • @jayamorgan, yes, right now TiVo = Palm, I’d sure like either of those companies to make me excited about them again. #
  • How many of you could have picked this list blind-folded….6mn ago :p cullect/1: #
  • @misc, tell me more about your podcatcher thoughts. The more I think about current state, I’m disappointed. We went down the wrong path. #
  • @pfhyper – re:links – that’s why 1 reason @cullect auto-expands shortened urls. #
  • @pfhyper – yes, yes CL has feeds. #
  • @Element_guy, press pot + microwaved water has been my routine for the past week. Not sure the water gets hot enough, but more flavorful. #
  • uncov’s report of the Crunchies makes me happy & sad. cullect/1: #
  • @jamuraa & @pfhyper – I went off on hashtags a while ago. not sold on their usefulness #

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