Unspoken, Unfortunate, Synonyms

From what I can tell;

  • “SEO” is an unspoken synonym for “works better in Google”
  • “Social Media” is an unspoken synonym for “works better in Twitter”

Both of these are unfortunate for they:

  • turn something easily understandable into something vague and amorphous – the exact opposite of good framing
  • mask the monopoly those companies have on their respective service.

This is analogous to using “entertainment” as synonym for not just “television” but the specific televised offering from BBC Four.

Of course, promoting yourself as an expert in Twitter (without having a Twitter-issued business card) should elicit giggles from anyone within earshot. But at least it’s being honest and authentic – the first step to being more social.

Elsewhere 11 Nov 2009

“That tweeting it is a private breed of microblogging verges on irrelevance. Twitter is now as necessary to tweeting as Google is to search. It’s a public activity under private control.” – Doc Searls