Daily Catch: Beer, Dr. Who, and the First Crack Podcast

Donavan Hall recently said some very nice things about the First Crack Podcast in his Daily Catch podcast. (After popping by and saying ‘thanks’ last fall, this episode finally came up on shuffle.)

He covers the new Dr. Who in the same episode and talks about some of the same issues I have with the episodes we’ve caught…Netflix hasn’t sent the anything from Season 3 yet. Tick….tock.

As you’ve seen here, I’ve been in a podcasting lull. Like I’m actively avoiding wanting to hit the #100 episode mark. I’m not. The podcast is. I can guarantee at least 2 more of the kind of episodes you know and love. “It makes me think about stuff”, as Donavan describes it.

Thanks again Donavan.

4 Replies to “Daily Catch: Beer, Dr. Who, and the First Crack Podcast”

  1. That whole Doctor Who jag was a trip down memory lane for me. I’m back to the beer beat again, doing hyper-local coverage of the Long Island beer scene. I’m telling my own stories too. Not quite like Unincorporated, but personal stories about beer and pub culture.

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