Anyone know a good source for downloading, local, independent music. Specifically, I’m looking for Minnesota-based or MN, WI, NoDak, SoDak, IA music. Thanks

Update 27 April 2007:
I’ve Googled for answer to this question and come up with a number of local music directory projects – some clearly abandon, others just useless. All of these projects (alive or zombie) assume I know who all the musicians are.

I don’t…that’s why I’m looking.

At minimum, I’m looking for a Last.FM search or Pandora stream filtered by geography. A steady stream of recommendations – like AmigoFish for local music, not an alphabetical directory of meaningless artists names.

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  1. While it’s not entirely oriented to downloads, I have spent time digging through the CDBaby page for Minnesota, which has something like 2600 entries.

    Of course, their navigation sucks, forcing you down to very specific categories to see anything.

    So, Garrick, wanna partner and build an upper midwest music site???

  2. @J Wynia,
    Thanks. There are a couple projects in the works locally along these lines. I’m hoping to get a demo of both in the near future.

    All of this means there’s an opportunity, I think it’s the same opportunity as the block-by-block news opportunity. Both need viability and sustainability at a very small scale.

    So, yes, I’m interested in having some involvement in a project like this.

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