First Crack 53. Laptop Bag Comparison – Targus vs. Timbuk2

A compare and contrast of my 8 year old Timbuk2 messenger bag with my new Targus CityGear LA laptop bag.

This is also my first crack with enhanced podcasts, using ChapterToolMe to include additional photos of the laptop bags within the podcast.

Listen to the Laptop Bag Comparison – Targus vs. Timbuk2 [9 min]

5 thoughts on “First Crack 53. Laptop Bag Comparison – Targus vs. Timbuk2

  1. I heard your comparison about the bags–even more than your description of the bags I liked the different images you were able to include with the podcast that were relevant to each segment.

    I have recently begun using a Brenthaven backpack that is especially designed for use with a 15″ laptop (mine is PowerBook G4). The backpack is very practical for me, since some days I travel by car and other days I travel by train (with much more walking), and the backpack style is very useful.

    Perhaps the most significant thing about this bag (in addition to its many handy pockets for all the gadgets that you carry in your Targus bag) is the impressive amount of the padding in the detachable sleeve for the laptop.

  2. Hey, by the way, I listened to this and I think you and I have the same bag, or at least the same model of bag. I agree with you: This is a great collection of compartments, zippers, and velcro. It’s like a wallet for your back. (I’ve always liked wallets that had well-designed pockets for special things, as well hidden features, and suprising features like holders for spare keys, etc.).


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