Learning from the 24 Hour Comic Challenge

Yesterday, I attempted to create a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Here is what I learned from my first attempt.

  1. Have the story finished.
    I knew how the story started, that got me 6 pages along. Half way into page 7, I was stuck. Seven characters moving, a handful of relationships established, and nowhere to go. It’d be better to have a complete story ready and use the 24 hours to illustrate it.
  2. Like a marathon, training is required.
    The act of illustrating was stressful for both my brain and my hand. Numerous times throughout the 6 1/2 pages I completed, both refused to cooperate. Maybe there’s a Couch-to-5K plan for illustrators.
  3. Start early.
    I was reviewing student graphic design portfolios during the day, so the first time I put pen-to-paper was 6 hours into the 24. I should have gotten the students to help with the story.

Congrats to all those that participated and completed the challenge.

For the rest of us, next year will also have an April 23rd.

2 thoughts on “Learning from the 24 Hour Comic Challenge

  1. Hows ur Ruby preparation going? Just curious. I am following along too, I thought I would finish it by end of this month but looks like I am slowing down a bit…

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