How to Set Up a Linksys Router with Mac OS X


“INSERT CD FIRST”, screamed the sticker on the back of the Linksys wrt54g router.

A decade with Macintoshes has taught me the suggestions are normally for Windows machines. The router was persistent – and the sticker was blocking the power port – so, I thought I’d humor it. I was right. The CD shipping was filled with setup software for Windows. Nothing about how to setup from a Macintosh. Anywhere.

Everyone at Amazon said I’d be up and running in seconds. The Linksys site barely acknowledges Macintoshes exist.

Here’s the steps I took to setup a Linksys Router with Mac OS X

  1. Peel off the sticker on the back of the router.
  2. Plug in the router’s power cord.
  3. Connect the router to your modem via the supplied Ethernet cord and the port marked ‘Internet’.
  4. Connect the router to your Mac via Ethernet.
  5. Open up the ‘Network’ panel in the Mac’s System Preferences and plug-in the following specs:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

  6. After applying the settings, open a browser to using the password 'admin'

Now you’re in the router’s control panel. Enter all your ISP’s settings and name your new wireless network something other than ‘linksys’.

Now you’ll finally be able to program from the gazebo in your backyard.

281 thoughts on “How to Set Up a Linksys Router with Mac OS X

  1. I’m surprised how often I find open linksys routers when I take the iBook out and about. Most appear to be installed with the factory set up.

  2. I just bought one of these suckers (worst documentation I’ve yet seen for a product) so that we can un-tether the iBook from our otherwise wired (mixed pc,mostly mac) network. The mac I would be using to set up with is rather antique and running OS 9. Any thoughts on if this should be workable or not.



  3. David, I’m not sure if it’d work w/ OS 9. If the iBook can understand DHCP via a wireless card, I’m don’t know why it wouldn’t.

  4. Garrick,

    Maybe you can help answer this Q I have. My roommates and I went in on a Linksys WRT54G router for our DSL and we’re having issues here. I have a desktop PC, that i’m using wired into the ethernet ports on the router, and it works perfectly for me. My roomies have iBooks, and both of them are having the same problem. They’re getting a strong signal in the house, but IE and Safari both are being VERY tempermental about pulling up pages. Some pages pull up instantly, some take forever and some just won’t pull up at all (examples: eBay won’t open at all, is sporadic, will open, but not all the graphics, opens sometimes, Hotmail won’t open). We’ve been back and forth with Linksys tech (they say they don’t know much about Macs yet) and Apple tech (who keeps referring us back to Linksys). They have no troubles with WiFi spots (ie, Starbucks, etc.). I have the feeling that it’s something relatively simple, but I’m the house tech head, and unfortunately have never used Macs on a regular basis, so I don’t know much about them. We’ve (meaning I’VE) cleared the browser cahces, and played around with different settings on both the router and the iBook, but still having the same issues. Does this sound familiar to you? Can you suggest anything?

  5. Hey, thanks for the info. The total absence of Mac config info is really a shame…

    Have a great day!


  6. hey garrick,

    i just bought a linksys and i used your page and it works like a charm! YAY. ok now. how do I SECURE it with a password or something cause it’s just OPEN to the public. ideas?


  7. Hi Garrick!

    I’ve been killing myself for the last 11 hours trying to set my powerbook G4 800 into a WRT54G and i only got closer to the sucess because of your tips but still not working!

    I’m in Brazil at the moment and i spoke for hours with Linksys tech support here, spend hours on live chat with Linksys in US and my frustation is massive with them cos they dont know NOTHING about Mac, is unbeliveble!

    If you have any other ways to conect, i wuold apreciate

    Thanks you so much

  8. I tried to follow these directions, but when I get to step 5, I do not have the option to edit the “Subnet Mask” or “Router” settings. The Subnet Mask is blank and there is no editable field at all, and the Router settings are not editable. What now?!

  9. This is useful info because i just bought this router and it wont work with my Mac.
    But i dont understand your STEP 4 (via Ethernet how? with another ethernet cable from router to my Mac?)
    I can’t get to Step 5 and on if I dont have the internet connection anymore. Stuck at step 4.

    Could you please help? Thanks!

  10. Hi. Sorry if I sound obtuse. Regarding Step 5: “Open up the ‘Network’ panel in the Mac’s System Preferences and plug-in the following specs:

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

    how and where do you plug in these numbers? After opening up Network, i go into TCP/IP under “built-in ethernet” but there’s no option to put in the subnet mask or router.

    thanks again.

  11. I recommended this product to a friend with an iBook and we have likewise found problems “keeping it up”.

    Unfortunately it seems nobody is able to solve the problem from the searching I have done on Google. All users are reporting the same problem and all responses seem to say “oh poo, you poor iBook user who can’t configure a simple router”.

    Having configured many networks in my day I can confirm that the settings we have tried are correct and yet we still have moments where Wifi just doesn’t work. About the only thing left on my list of debugging steps is to run a tcpdump and find out why this router is being such a piece of junk.

    Fortunately I’m in need of a router so I could always buy this off my friend and tell him to buy an Airport Base Station. If, however, the problem is completely hardware based than my Debian iBook and OpenWRT software on the WRT54G may not work either… but let’s just hope it does.

  12. One more addition to my last post, even when the Wifi portion of the router has failed ethernet works reliably as an alternative. If you are stuck in the same situation by all means, grab a cord and start complaining so Linksys will fix the product!

    iBooks are cheap. If you work for Linksys, please print this page and bring it to your manager so you can have a testing unit in your office.

  13. With the help of my ISP, I got the Linksys WRT54G functioning with my G4 on OS 9.2, but now I can’t figure out how to get my Ibook G4 on OS 10.3 with Airport to pick up the wireless signal.

    Can you advise me how to set up the ibook?


  14. The link_SES-53021 network shows up on the ibook’s Network Setup Assistant, but it asks for a password. What should I use?

  15. I just set up my Linksys router using these specs. At first it didn’t work. Here’s what I did to fix it:

    1. First, in the Network Control Panel dialog box, you MUST configure DHCP with manual address. Enter as the IP address. It should autopopulate the other two fields.

    2. When you get to the setup page, you MUST clone your PC (or in my case Mac’s) MAC address. As soon as I did this, Internet and wireless worked like a charm.

    The only thing I am still having problems with is setting a password. I have reset/redefined a password for logging into the setup page, but when I use my iBook, it never asks me to enter a password to connect to the wireless network. Any help is appreciated!

  16. I’m trying to set up an iMac and a G4 Tower via Ethernet (wired). I was confused as well about Step 5 until I read Sarah’s post. After following those steps though, I tried to direct both my Safari and my Internet Explorer browsers to
    It would look like it was searching for the page, but after about 30 seconds I’d get the message: “Can’t open page because server stopped responding.” On a whim I opened up Activity Monitor to see what the Network was doing when I ‘d try to go to that address. As I figured, there would be a bunch of data sent and recieved activity for the 30 seconds then nothing. I’m not sure what to do at this point. Any other ideas?

  17. Well, I got OSX to set up the connection for me using the setup assistant, but now when I direct my browser to
    it promts me with this pop up:

    To view this page, you need to log in to area “WRT54G” on

    It asks for a name and password, but I never set one up as I never got to the setup page at that address. Anybody know what that name and password might be. It’s not my system login or my .Mac login. So how do I get to the setup page to find this info if I need to to get the page. I am perplexed…help

  18. The default name and password for your router is “admin” and “admin”.

    I am currently having the same iBook issues after switching my WRT54G from WPA to WEP security. My powerbook is fine but the iBook is screwed. Argh.

  19. OK, after MUCH googlel searching, I finally found an answer to the problem of our iBook not working with our Linksys WRT54G router. Specifically, the iBook was hanging on most web pages and timing out on most.

    To fix: Go to the router admin page and in “Basic Setup” change the MTU from “Auto” to “Manual” – I put it at 1450. Now, I am reasonably tech-friendly for a non-engineer, and I have no idea what MTU is, but what I do know is that an iBook that was timing out pulling down most Web pages is suddenly a happy camper again. Phew!

    I found the suggestion to do this here:

    Hope this helps someone else who was as angry and frustrated as I was with this senseless iBook/WRT54g problem.

    Also, I might note that the iBook was working fine with WPA security and this only started happening with WEP when I switched to get my Tivo on the network, which doesn’t support WPA. Whatever!

  20. I didn’t bother with step 5. I had to call my ISP because the routers MAC address is diferent than the registered one. But you could just select to clone the existing MAXC address. for security, because i was also worried that it connected without asking for a passwrod???
    1. change the name form “linksys” to anything “MyNetwork” etc.
    2. disable broadcast, meanig you have to know the name is “MyNetwork” to connect.
    3. Best idea. Go into MAC address filtering and tell it to only allow your powerbook to connect. You have to figure out your powerbooks MAC address first tehn tell it to only allow that machine to connect.

    All the Linksys preferences/adjustments are available at http:/ on your browser.

    can’t believe they can’t publish Mac instrctions!!!!

  21. Hey all–came across this post while searching for a way to solve my similar problem setting up Linksys wireless with Macintosh. I have a new iMac G5 that has airport and my boyfriend has a G5 tower that apparently doesn’t have airport. We also like to play a PS2 game online and would like to both be able to utilize the internet at the same time for this purpose. We’ve been told that setting up a wireless router with extra LAN ports is the best option.
    Should I bring my computer (which will be the wireless one) into the same room as his mac that will be plugged in via ethernet cable for the set up process? I set up the linksys last night with just my computer. We then moved the linksys into his office and plugged his computer in. All seemed to be well, but we keep dropping the connection, etc. I have to keep re-configuring my computer to get the signal. To top it all off, he was able to connect his playstation to the internet, but mine “timed out” when I tried to connect to the network (this is with cables). I read about changing the channel, which I will do, as well as changing the “linksys” name. Any other suggestions? Should I just get both computers in the same room for set up and start all over again? All I know about routers and networking I’ve learned in the past couple of days, so bear with me.
    Thanks, Eilis

  22. Just had the same problem. My ISP uses PPPoE, and before being able to enter these settings, I had to go the the PPoE tab in System Preferences > Network > Configure (Built-in Ethernet) and deselect “Connect using PPPoE”. Then, when I went to the TCP/IP tab, I had the option to enter the subnet mask and router settings manually.

    You should then be able to get to and configure the router (I had to clone my MAC address to get things working).

    Finally, you can go back to the PPPoE tab at System Preferences > Network > Configure (Built-in Ethernet) and re-select “Configure using PPPoE”. I was then able to get online using Internet Connect > Built-in Ethernet.

    Hope this helps.

  23. Re last post, the problem I’m referring to is not being able to enter settings for subnet mask and router in Step 5. Sorry!

  24. Hi,
    Thanks so much for posting these instructions. I followed the directions but am not able to open the router’s control panel. After setting the netowrk preferences as advised, I opened a browswer, typed in, put in “admin” for the id and “admin” for the password. And then nothing came up on the screen?
    Any suggestions.

    Thanks very much

  25. Garrick, great info, but I’ve run into a few problems.

    I’ve got a PC currenty connected with a Linksys, and I want to connect with a Mac running OS 10.2.8. I can access the setup page of the router with Safari web browser, but from there I’m stuck, and don’t know where to go. If I clone my MAC address, the PC can’t connect. Any ideas will help. Thanks again!

  26. I am network illiterate but I used these comments for a WRV54G and it seems to be working fine now. I needed to clone the mac address in order to get it to work. Now I just need to figure out how to get the VPN part of this router up and running. Anyone have any success with this?

  27. I have been trying for 3 hours to set up a Linksys WRT54G router following these instructions — without success.

    My current configuration: iBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.3.9. ISP is using a Westell Model 2200 modem. The modem is currently configured to do all the work of locating the ISP. In other words, absent any router between the DSL modem and the computer, I connect to the router at and fill in settings for IP Network Address (PPP/Primary DNS/Secondary DNS). Because this information is handled by the router, I currently enter no ISP-specific information under System Preferences/Network, which is set to TCP/IP: Using DHCP.

    Attempting to install the Linksys, I find that I have to switch TCP/IP to “Using DHCP with manual address” in order to be able to enter the value of above. As per the preceding paragraph, I’m entering no ISP-specific info, assuming the DSL modem will continue to handle it. I then Save Settings and get a screen which says settings are saved. If I then check back on “Network Status,” I get a message: Built-in Ethernet is currently active and has the IP address You are connected to the Internet via Built-In Ethernet.

    Everything looks cool, so I then try to ping or call up a web page. I then get … nothing. No ping, no web, nada. When, however, I pull the router out from between the DSL modem and the iBook, I get my usual Internet connection.

    Can anyone suggest what I’m doing wrong? (I should note that this is the third wireless router I’ve tried to set up at home. A D-Link failed after a few months and a no-name brand never made an internet connection, even though it said it supported Mac.)

    Thanks in advance.

  28. There seems to be a number of folks in this forum with extensive hands-on knowledge. I hope you can help us.

    We’ve got a Laptop G4, with a pretty current version of OSX, using AirPort and a QuickerTech antenna enhancer for wireless activity, and a LinkSys router.
    We have a bizarre problem.

    We set up the laptop G4 and the LinkSys wireless router and it worked fine, all bars on the antenna display everywhere over 4 floors. The next day, the bars on the antenna display are constantly fluctuating, and there is no wireless connection. So we plug it up to the Ethernet of the LinkSys router, and it works fine.

    Then we re-select the proper Network Configuration in the System Preferences, and then- immediately, we get all bars on the antenna display, and the wireless connection is fine again throughout the building.

    We can put it to sleep and wake it up, and it works fine.
    We can Restart, and it works fine.

    But when we put it to sleep for the night, the next day it has lost it’s wireless connection again . . .

    And it’s back to the process I’ve described above . . .

    Our workaround works, but surely there is a reason and a fix for this situation.

    Thanks for your time !

  29. I just spent a frustrating couple of hours on the phone with Linksys. I’m having the same problems Celeste noted above, that some pages (Google, Gmail, are opening fine, and others are timing out. I tried changing the MTU setting, and a bunch of other stuff with the Linksys people, and finally, they told me to get the firmware upgrade, which stupidly is not available for Mac. They tried to tell me to find another computer to download it to and then upgrade it! Anyway, is there anything else I can do to fix this problem? Thank you.

  30. “admin” and “admin” isnt’ working to log on, and neither is leaving one blank and putting “admin” in the other… any other ideas?

  31. Problem loading pages. I’ve connected my lynksis WRT54G and everything “seems” fine. Full signal and the wireless comes up but when I go to load a page..I get the “you are not connected to the internet” prompt. It seems that I’m connected in every way until I try to open any page. Any suggestions? I don’t know what the problem is.

  32. Jamie,

    Is the ‘internet’ light lit on your router? If so, I’d double check the IP setting on both your router and Mac to verify they’re in the same subnet.

  33. Thank you! In a nutshell, I’m an idiot. Guess ya gotta hook up the cable line into your modem for the wireless to work, huh? Omg…thanks for your help!

  34. I have done what the directions have said but I still can’t get into the routers controll panel. And where do you type admin.

  35. Well this is what I learned after speaking to most of India tonight at Linksys support. Linskys does not support Mac products. None of their techs know Macs. I spoke to three different techs, one tried to give me an 800 number for Mac support and a supervisor later said there was no number. The number the guy gave me is for smalldog electronics, go figure…

    You can not password protect a Linksys router for a Mac. It won’t work. If you figure it out please let me know because I spent an hour deciphering what the tech was saying and finally remembring what they said when i spoke to them in December after I bought this thing. From the wireless security page on the linksys page the tech support person(they tried to help as much as they could) you need to input a 10 digit number as a password in the line for key 1. But when you input the number /password on your mac it will say unable to join airport network. You will have to plug in ethernet to get back online, go to the page and disable the security.. simply put, there is no way to password protect if you are configuring the router from a mac. you can have a password if you set it up initially using a pc.. it’s just whacked..

    who in this day and age doesnt provide support for Macs? well, linksys for one.

    When I said I was getting intermittent connections the tech said you might have to restart the router each time.. you cant do firmware upgrades and again Linksys does not support Mac.

    Argh. If you know something the techs and I don’t please share. Thanks.

  36. hello all.
    I’m running a mac with tiger (10.3?). I’ve had my linksys wrt54g for about 6 months now. After spending a long 3 hours trying to figure it out the first day I got it…I finally gave up on it. I’m now determined to figure out these piece of junk.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. I never got an ethernet cable with my linksys box…is it different from any other ethernet cable?
    2. After you plug in the ethernet cable into the linksys device, where do you plug in the second ethernet cable for the computer?

  37. Here’s one for you. I have a wireless PC network at home (cable setup with 1 laptop and 2 desktop PCs – one ethernet connected, the other one using wireless card – all on XP).
    I am doing a job right now where the shop has a Mac for a POS setup using an iMac G3. I want to do work from a remote location using an iBook. All they have at the shop is dsl. So I set the iBook up using the dsl link making sure everything work – internet, emails, etc. etc.
    Then took the iBook home and plugged it into the linksys wireless port 2 and guess what? It works perfectly.

  38. I wanted to try cloning my powerbooks MAC address. In looking at Linksys site then talking to my company’s tech support I came across a discrepancy. I just sent this email to Linksys tech support:
    The answer you have under this “common question” is wrong for OSX: I need to clone my MAC address, however I have a Macintosh, where do I find the MAC Address?
    You say to look in system preferences/network/built-in ethernet/ethernet address
    Actually it’s under (blue) apple menu/About this Mac/more info/Network(click on the name “network”)/MAC address

  39. I am new to the mac-world …just bought a Mac mini. Also have problem setting up the Linksys hardware. Couldn’t get into the site or should I type this somewhere else?

  40. Hello All,

    I feel your pain! After being on the phone for almost 8 hours back and forth. My linksys is not working. Spoke to 5 different people from linksys and 4 from apple. They all loved to sent me back and forth. Mac techs said “is not a mac problem, your computer is fine” and Linksys people “You have a PC running fine is not a linksys problem.” Great! finally i decided to do a three line and becuase I had my PC running just great linksys atumotacally assusmed it was my MAC and apple assumed theh the same thing as well. Well after spendig some quality time with the MAC pro he said my mac was perfect which i belive since I have used my comp at work and in different networks for the past two weeks and it worked just fine with airport. Today i will stop by a starbucks or apple store just to double check that i can go in the network and use the internet.
    By the end of the day yesterday I was able to get in the network but i could not use the browser, the problem is that the router does’t give an IP address to my mac. Before I created a secure network my comp was able to use the internet but it was really slow and it would work whenever it wanted. Anyhow i will try to use the advice from all of you guys..but if any of u are still having issues let me know maybe two heads at the same time can solve this issue….

  41. Good News…..I found some information that might be helpful for all you. I was able to get my internet working. I have a mac powerbook G4 and a PC laptop after doing some research i found out that if you are using the router wrt54g v6 or v5 you should not upgrade to the new firmware which is 1.10.1 but instead use the old one, it has a bug…..after hours of reseach i found this great link
    (if the link doesn’t work, you can go to linsys help technical support boards and type on the search link:wrt54g v6+ mac= no internet)
    from what i found the bug doesn’t let the router give an IP address reason why u think u are connected but ur internet is not working. I was able to set up throuogh ethernet both my MAC and PC. I did the set it up and went wireless on both computers..but when I went wireless on my MAC no just have to make sure u are in the old version, also i found some info about security…you can only close your network with specifics directions otherwise u won’t be able to the hook up ur MAC i have not try it yet…too much for one day …

    let me know if the network works for any of u guys

  42. Why is nobody answering the router page questions, such as the one ‘Alix’ presented? I’ve tried typing everything into the ‘Name’ and ‘Password’ fields. Nothing has worked. Maybe I’m just confused. Most people seem to be beyond this point. Can I get some more suggestions of what to type in the empty fields?

  43. I had a similar problem of having no luck with admin as name or password (and no luck with the Linksys support people, who helpfully told me to find a friend with Windows and use their machine. Uh, no.) What finally worked was using a machine directly connected to the router via ethernet, following Garrick’s six steps, and using admin in both the name and password fields. Any combination that didn’t include all of that didn’t work.

  44. i remember successfully logging in to the linksys control panel via, that was few months ago. Since then someone has used my open wireless network and had me charged $45 for using p2p filesharing software. I’m now trying to log in and secure the network. Maybe I changed the default password? I can’t seem to get in. If there is anyway to reset the whole process that would be helpful. or maybe the User Name is wrong when I log in. I also forget what worked last time.

  45. Hey, im glad i found this site. thanks alot.
    I have a question thats the same as A.J’s question stated above. maybe im missin somethin.
    but how do i set a password for my linksys. so no one can just jump on my internet. my Linksys is open to public as well.

  46. After reading the tips here, and only then following the instruction on the linksys site (particular to my router) was I able to get things working. Many thank to the posters here. Linksys can work with Macs, but their documentation is very poor.

  47. I am a new Mac user and have a Linksys router with my PC with wireless for the 2 Macbooks. The wireless internet was working fine for the last 2 months but since the last 4 days Safari on both Macs is not accessing the net. The network connection shows that the computer is connected to the internet. Have spent many hours with Linksys support but no luck.
    Any help would be a life saver

  48. Ok I have tried every day after work for almost a month to get my Linksys router to work and nothing. I get everything set-up (or so it seems) then I try getting on to the internet and nothing!Could not connect. It’s so frustrating! I have digital cable and weirdly enough my “modem” is attached to the digital cable box (don’t ask I know its so screwed up) but anyway connecting via ethernet is no sweat when I connect my computer directly to the modem, however when I connect the internet to my router and then try and go wireless, nothing. I’ve tried everything… literally everything. Anyone have Step by Step directions for people like me that are wirelessly inept?
    Like i get the part about setting it up and changing the network name etc.I just can’t connect to the internet. Help… PLEASE! I’m paying for internet for nothing, and I’d really like to stop doing that.

  49. I THINK I FIGURED IT OUT!! well, mine is a WRT54GC (the compact one), the firmware version is v1.02.5, and my powerbook is a g4. i wish i can remember all the steps. but here it is to the best of my knowledge:

    1. use SAFARI. i tried with firefox the first time, then couldn’t log on to which is what you need to type in the addressbar.
    2. assuming no passwords are set, type ‘admin’ for both ID and password.
    3. i left everything as normal on the setup tab, except clicking on automatically adjusting for daylight savings time.
    4. click on “wireless” tab which should take you to basic wireless settings. i left mine on “mixed,” renamed ‘linksys’ to my own network, channel 6 and enable.
    5. click on “wireless security” sub-tab. choose WEP, encryption 128bit, enter a passphrase of your choice, then hit ‘Generate.” (i left tx key on 1.)
    6. the WEP key slots should be filled with a bunch of numbers and letters – this is your password, so copy it down somewhere. hit “save settings.”
    7. you’ll be kicked off of your airport, but join your newly named linksys network – it’ll ask you for a password. the WEP password didn’t work for me, so i chose WEP 40/128-bit hex, then entered the long passkey/password that was generated.
    8. if you check your airport’s network status in system preferences, your new linksys network should show as WEP security.
    9. i also clicked on the “administration” tab to change the router password because i’m paranoid.

    i hope i did this correctly and this helps all you frustrated mac folks, ciao!

  50. AHa! After days of struggle I finally got my macbook pro laptop connected to internet via my linksys (WRT54GS) router. Here’s what the linksys website doesn’t tell you–info one of their helpful tech assistants supplied me w/only this morning:

    At the point when the online instructions tell you to type in a passphrase, DO NOT type in a passphrase.
    Select 64 bit/hex, then type in a 10 digit # (or #s w/letters, or just letters)

    Then, after saving these changes, etc, when connecting via airport from the laptop, type in that 10 digit # you generated–BUT FIRST insert a dollar sign.

    Everything worked smoothly once I did this.

  51. Thanks to all these forums online I got mine to work. Here’s what I did, hope it can help someone.

    1. under network settings, goto TCP/IP.
    Configure IPv4: Manually
    IP Adress:
    Subnet Mask:
    DNS Server:

    At this point wireless should work, you just can’t see pages. The connection to the router should work wirelessly so type In here under the Setup tab, click MAC address clone then click Enable and then the button to clone your MAC. Save changes.

    If you haven’t already, give your network a unique name and under wireless security pick what you want. Even though people have said it doesn’t support WPA, I have WPA2 Personal setup and no problems. Oh and I browse in Safari and no issues with that.

    Just make sure your Firmware Version is: v1.50.9, Sep. 14, 2006 (check under Status tab). This should work. Mine didn’t until I replugged everything back in.

    Unplug the modem, then the router. Wait 5 seconds and plug in the modem. Wait til you have solid lights then plug in the router. It should work now.

    In airport select your network, type password and go.

    Hope this helps someone. I just spent 3 hours figuring this one out. Linksys customer service is hit or miss. Tonight it was a miss.

  52. I finally got my wireless to work with Dave and Derek’s advice!

    I was able to get to the point where I could see my network, but I couldn’t log on. This is where their advice came into play…

    under network settings, goto TCP/IP:
    Configure IPv4: Manually (very important to set it to manually unless you want to wait and wait and wait…)
    IP Adress: (there might be another digit after 10)
    Subnet Mask:
    DNS Server:

    Then put a $ before you insert your WEP number for the password.

    Thanks guys!

  53. hi this is hugely amazing. i’ve been stumped. a houseguest set up the wireless on a pc, then disappeared and i couldn’t get in. then i just hit the reset button and now don’t know how to set this up for my mac. I’m a bit of a techno-fool so i’m still confused, any way to contact you w/ a question as i go along? it’s a big request but i’d be so very grateful.

  54. Changing the MTU value to 1450 was really the best tip ever. My macs now works like a charm, no hicups, no time-outs, and even my net-bank that used to not conect at all, now does it in a breeze. Thank you all guys.

  55. Am trying to following all the instructions on this site, but am stuck when I go to I can’t get in because admin, admin doesn’t seem to work. Have tried on both Safari and Firefox. Have tried blank, admin as well. Any suggestions as to why this username and password don’t seem to be working?

  56. I don’t know how you guise are getting this thing to work I have tried everything possible with the user name and password and nothing works… ‘admin/admin’ don’t work ‘ /admin don’t work and even the other way around even put in linksys for user name and that don’t work whats going on I didn’t spend this much money for it not to work… help me please… I’m just trying to set up WEP cause I’m tired of people taking my net and making my browsing extremely slow…

  57. Maybe it is a silly question, but I don’t know anything about networks. I assume that a wireless network doesn’t need wires (besides the one that connect the router to the modem). In the instructions says that you should use one Ethernet wire to connect the router to the modem, and another, to connect the router to a computer (used to configure the router), plugging in the cable to one of the four Ethernet slots. Will that computer be ever connected to the router with that cable? If so (and I guess the answer is ‘yes’), how can I make a wireless internet connection, using just a modem, a router and a laptop? I’m sorry if that is a dumb question, but I will appreciate any help.
    Thanks for your time.

  58. Ok, incredibly confused by all of the posts;
    My WRT54G immediately connected through my Airport card, but don’t have a password for it.

    The more I read these posts, the more confusing it is.
    All I need to do is establish a password/
    Is there a step by step set of instructions for that?

    Just for that; and when you say Network preference panel do you mean that literally, or do you actually mean that which is found in the Sharing preferences? I have Tiger.

  59. Ken, what steps did you take to connect your WRT54G to your airport? I have made a connection to the internet on my MAC and established a new network and password. However, I am stuck at that step. When I disconnect the ethernet cord and search for my network, it is there, but when I input my password, it does not accept it. Can you or anyone else help guide me through this??

  60. I have not been able to connect to the Linksys setup page for about 3 days now, getting ready to give up on it.

  61. Tried some more things, including Virtual PC using the Linksys setup disc, too.

    When I have a few days to deal with the damn thing, I will try to set it up again. Until then the dumbasses can just use my network.
    I am sure there is a step by step procedure for it, and it seems that many of the posters here have got it to work, but they all seem to have different ways of going about it.
    I wish there was one set procedure but it seems not, so screw it!

  62. I got to the linksys setup finally by setting a static ip, and I have set that up as best I can, now my router does not show at all.
    Thinking about just dropping $179 for Apple base station.
    My time is not worth all this crap.

  63. OK; my temper tantrum is over; got some sleep and read through the posts all over again.

    And the winner is: kim12.14.06 / 4pm

    Follow it step by step; It DOES work.

    But: if I had it to do over again, would have gone Apples Airport base station.

    In this case, $49 for the Linksys is too much and $179 for Apple is actually cheaper, all things factored in.
    Once you have done the setup, it is ok, but the point of
    Apples’ software design is that setup of any process should not be a “medieval” process like so much of the Windows/other environment is.

    Thanks to kim, whoever you are.

  64. Using the $ symbol and my WEP key, I was able to sign into my password protected linksys router. But after a few days I was unable to connect once again. And this time, typing in $ followed by my key didn’t work. I don’t know that much about router-related things. Do I have to choose between having a secure wireless and actually being able to access it?

  65. I wonder if anyone has seen a problem similar to the one entered by Howard Ferguson, 5/12/06. My daughter is having the same problem. The WRT54G works flawlessly with 5 pcs. Plug it in and it works, in two separate environments. She powers up her MAC and is connected just fine, with a full reading on the power level indicators. Within 20 minutes, her power levels drop down to half of what they started out at, and the entire network comes to a crashing halt. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I am a server/DB developer and not a network/HW person, but I have never seen this behavior before. Thanks in advance for your input.

  66. Garrick, I just bought this wireless router so i could use my Inspiron 6400 laptop anywhere in the house. Setup went find. The signal from the router is very strong but it doesn’t actually give off any internet. Also when I plug in my Mac OS X into the router, it doesn’t even recognize that there is something plugged into it and neither does the mac. Any thoughts on maybe a step I’ve missed or something else I should try?

  67. I bought this router yesterday and had a very flustering time getting it to work on either my G4 for Macbook, so today, i started anew… went to the Linksys site, downloaded and installed the latest firmware, spent about 30 minutes reading how to connect it to my cable modem etc. I apparently needed to clone the mac id in the routers set up area via – did that. Then I set up a wep2 personal security login – that finally worked. Now both are connecting and have been up for hours, working flawlessly. It was a hassle but i saved $130 bucks not purchasing an airport extreme.

  68. My new iMac suddenly will no longer connect to our wireless network. Sometimes it shows the network, often it doesn’t. Even when it shows the network and I enter the password, it gives me the “there was a problem connecting to the network” message. My laptop, which is on the desk right NEXT to the iMac connects just fine to the same network! Shows a decent signal strength. The router and modem are in a separate building (we are on 5 acres) – but this whole setup has worked beautifully for months – now suddenly this mysterious quirk with the iMac. HELP! Where lies the problem? the iMac or the Linksys router? When I lugged the iMac to the bulding with the router, it connected just fine!

  69. Lee and MayMay – check your firmware if it is current. my wrt54G kept dropping and refusing to connect our macs until i upgraded then everything worked like a charm.

  70. In response to Lee…

    I have the same issue. I’ve got a linksys wireless network running at home, and it works flawlessly. I just bought a new macbook, and I bring it home, the wireless connects, and then the whole thing crashes when I open certain programs. When I direct connect with someone through Adium it crashes the internet. Also when I open iTunes, the internet crashes. As long as I don’t mess with those programs, it usually works fine. But if it disconnects I have to switch off the router and modem, turn them back on, and then manually connect to the internet through the PC that the router is connected to. It never works the first time, and I usually have to mess with it for 20 minutes each time it disconnects. I haven’t tried anything in this post yet because I just got back to school and it’s working perfectly.

    But its ridiculous and frustrating. It disconnects everyone on the network, and just crashes the internet, even on the main PC. I’m relatively new to macs–I haven’t used one since I was eight. I’m pretty good with PCs, and I’ve had so many wireless issues that I’m alright with the network, but this has me stumped. Based on what I read here, though, it seems linksys blows for macs, and I might just look into the airport base station…

  71. We’ve had the same PC/Mac problem. My fiancee’s PC is fine when it’s on the network by itself. As soon as we connect my G4 powerbook, the whole thing crashes, usually within 5 to 10 minutes, and has to be restarted. The linksys tech people have had me configure the network in a million different ways (tho always DHCP…), and once had me replace the router– and now they keep wanting to replace the router again! Argh. It’s very frustrating.

  72. Thanks to everyone here, I am finally able to connect to internet through my linksys router from my new iMac. I was prepared to go through a long and painful process, but I was lucky enough to find this site which has saved me a lot of time.
    The suggestion I used thats working for me is From
    0:57 December 27th, 2006

    I was able to keep using my WEP security setting for wireless by choosing 64 bit/hex. Didnt put in any passphrase, just fill in the key directly. After reboot everything, modem, router, iMac. I was able to connect to my network wirelessly using AirPort. The important thing is add $ in front of the WEP password. This is only for Mac. The pc i have in the house just need regular WEP password. So if your key was 1234567891, you use 1234567891 on PC when it ask you for password, but use $1234567891 on Mac when password is required.

    Another thing I notice, which is something ppl might think is common sense but I didnt, and maybe some other ppl didnt pay attention. That is those settings you did for TCP/IP (IP address, submask….etc) you need to fill them up for both Your build-in Ethernet and Airport. I am a first time Mac user, actually just get my new iMac last Thursday, so you might all know this already. But if didnt , make sure you select the same location in Network setup, choose Build-in Ethernet, fill in TCP/IP infor. change to choose Aiport, fill in same TCP/IP infor again. That should make sure you can connect wired and wirelessly. Hope this has helped someone.

  73. I think someone may have touched on it here. The problem is with the lean firmware that Linksys supplies with the WRT54x. The router is simply not issuing an ip to yourMac.

    Upgrade the firmware on the device to a third-party version. I fancy DD-WRT. Your hardware is capable of doing all sorts of neat things such as VOIP, WDS, bridging, etc. However, Linksys cripples it with a junky firmware. This Mac problem is another example of this. I had my wife bring home her ibook G4 1.42GHz OSX 10.4.8. I reflashed my WRT54GS V6 with Linksys’ firmware and could access the network but bring up no webpagess. Granted I had no Admin access to the iBook so I could not play with the TCPIP settings.

    I then reflashed to the latest stable build of DD-WRT. In absolutely no time I was surfing on the iBook.

  74. Okay, my turn. I seem to have a slightly different situation to everyone else…
    I’m using a WAG54G (as opposed to a WRT54G) connected to an imac running 10.4.9. Now, after many weeks of battle with the router and my ISP, I have finally gotten the computer to connect to the router and the router to the internet -so I know all my router settings are essentialy correct. What I CAN’T do is stop my computer from disconnecting again – after which it fails to recognise the router, unless I turn it off and on again, or possibly restart the mac!? And yes, all the ‘disconnect’ related options are unclicked or set to redial regularly.
    The complication, and why the guides here havn’t quite helped me yet, is that my isp uses PPPoA (not PPPoE) for which there are no apparent settings on the mac. I’m currently have the router configured to PPPoA and the mac configured for DHCP (automatic) which is the only combination to have worked so far.
    Also, with the router set to PPPoA, I cant see where to put my MAC Address, as many have suggested.
    Help? Anyone?

  75. Setting up linksys router on mac and pc with MAC OS 9.2

    open tcp/ip

    connect via ETHERTNET
    Configure : MANUALLY
    ip address:
    subnet mask:
    Router address:1892.168.1.1
    name server address:

    If you have a pc already connected to the router go to start-run-cmd
    type ipconfig and change yours address .

  76. I just got the WRT54gs v5.1 router, and it works fine on my PC, but not Mac OSx v10.4.9. I have a DHCP cable connection, but was only able to get the connection to Linksys by manually setting the IP address to, as described above. Now the network is connected both via ethernet and Airport, and I get a strong signal, but still the internet doesn’t work, if I use Mozilla, for example.

    Should I have connected via DHCP – in that case, how (I tried all combinations of turning off the computer, than swithing on modem, router, and computer sequentially) – nothing worked.


  77. I’m able to access the router setup page and I’ve filled out the DHCP fields as per Garrick’s post.

    When it comes to cloning the MAC address I have to do this by manually entering — there’s no MAC tab under Setup (I only found the address by viewing source). Can anyone explain why this option is missing from my menu?

    Anyway, I’ve cloned the MAC address and the router is sending a signal, which my partner’s PC can connect to.

    However neither the Mac wired to the Router and modem nor the PC connected wireless can access the internet.

  78. Thank you all. It works. Also i figured how to reset the password to access the setup page of the router. Press the Reset button on the back for 30 seconds, and the password will be resent to “admin”, with a blank for the username.

  79. Great ideas and good stuff here. Anyway , my story.
    Have a Macbook Pro and bought a Linksys WRT300n wireless router. I used to have win pc’s (for 25 years) but bought the macbook 12 months ago. The router works perfectly in B and G mode but there are some things u need to set up correctly.
    1. Clone mac address. This is needed as a lot of ISP match a user id to a mac address. You need to clone the mac address into the router so regardless of who logs onto the network the router mac address is the one your isp sees.
    2 Security.
    I use PSK personal security.All u do is type in a passphrase in the wireless security set up page and then enter the same passpgrase when Airport asks for it. Remember to click remember password at this time and from now on Airport will log on automatically.I have being using this security since buying my Macbook and had no problems at all.
    3. IP addresses.
    This is probably the area that is the biggest problem for most people.. I use DHCP and set range from to 192…..168.0.110. This allows 10 users oon my network. The issue thst causes a lot of problems is that people are using macs and win machines that they use to connect to a variety of networks that alll use different IP ranges. If all the machines on your network are not in the same range with the same subnets yoou will get all sorts f problems like loosing wireless conectivity, loosinf internet etc. If you use your computer in more than 1 location yu need to use the Location tab. This is a great system that mac os x as it allows u to have different settings for networks in different locations. For mac users the network assistant is very helpful in helping u to set the networks up. I use multiple networks because of my wprk and depending upon where i am i just change the location. Again I have been using this system for over a year now and have had no problems. Hope this info is of sone use to you all and yes, Linksys support is pretty sad.

  80. I was banging my head as well for this one. I have a WRT54G version 6 and an iBook.

    The issue was that the firmware I had in the router (1.01.0) had an issue with DHCP for certain devices.

    Updating the firmware to the the latest one (1.02.2) solved the issue instantly.

  81. I bought the WRT54G router to run with my cable modem. The plan was to leave my iMac wired and use my PC laptop wirelessly. (Plus a Vonage phone thrown into the mix.)

    I read this entire thread before getting started, and ended up having no problems. I started with Garrick’s original advice, leaving username blank and putting “admin” for the password. I then used Sarah’s advice (1/2/06), followed by Kim’s (12/14/06) in combination with Derek’s (12/15/06), although not his advice on the dollar sign (maybe b/c I don’t have Airport). My firmware was version 8.0 (Jan. 07), and maybe that’s what saved me some of the firmware down-/up-grade problems others had.

    After following all the steps, the PC connected fine (using the access key the setup had generated), but the iMac wouldn’t connect, even though it was wired properly. Although I’m no techie, I had a hunch about its IP address. To set up the router, I had previously switched DHCP to Manual in the iMac’s Network window, but since now I knew the router was set up, I switched DHCP back to Automatic. The iMac immediately connected! Maybe someone else can explain the reason behind this, but it worked for me.

    Thanks to all for your tips and advice. I had a vague sense of dread before starting, based on everyone’s frustrations, but my install went great.

  82. I followed all of these steps with my new imac and my wrt54g router. I got all the way to the link sys setup page , but when I clicked to save the settings and finish everything my connection would time out and I couldn’t go any further. This is probably the second most frustrating thing I’ve ever dealt with. grr.

  83. I got everything setup. Got a network name and password. Connected with my Airport with a full signal… BUT NO INTERNET! I can not get this router to send an internet signal to anything. Been at this for 6 hours now. What do I do?!

  84. I followed the directions initially given, but didn’t even have to type in all the numbers — it happened automatically for me. I know have one iBook and one Dell connected via Ethernet cables. I would love to use the wireless, but I can’t figure out how to make the wireless secure, so I just disabled my wireless connection, until I get that figured out. Anyone have suggestions?

  85. Wow, thanks to everyone who posted.
    I’ve been using Linksys with my mac for years, but never hooked up my own until today.
    I had the same problems, so went to Best Buy and set up an appt. with Geek Squad so I knew it would be set up right. They tell me it’s $89. I pay (stupid!) and they then tell me that there is only one guy who can set up Macs with Linksys, and he can’t come to my house for a month. You’d think Linksys, etc. would be more Mac-friendly these days.

    I got my money back.
    Thanks for the helpful information!!!! 🙂

  86. Wading out to unchartered waters now.. I have an airport extreme network. Use a pc wirelessly, and my mac g4 is connected via an ethernet cable. Just got a slingbox, need another router port to connect the slingbox. What is the best method to connect everything? DSL modem, to a linksys router, to my airport extreme? Any help would be appeciated. Correction: Slingbox

  87. I’m on day 3 of trying to get my WRT54G router functioning without problems. Without everyone’s suggestions I couldn’t have gotten it up and running as far as I have. Now my only problem is everytime I put my iBook G4 to sleep and open it back up again, I have to manually select the Airport Network and enter the password, before I can connect, which is a pain. I’m using WPA Personal security. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it?? Pleeeaase!? I’d be forever grateful!!

  88. i had gotten my wireless connection working by following your steps but couldn’t connect to the internet.

    had an ATT tech come by and turned out the problem was that the westell modem needed to be changed from PPoE mode to bridge mode (at, under advanced:connetion).

    now it’s working fine.

    thanks for the help.

  89. can someone please help me, i got a new phone service, and a new computer three months ago, the computer is a 2007 imac the phone is called a voip phone, and i get it through my computer, sence i have i had the phone service it drops, calls i get feed back, in almost all the calls, and it goes dead, for days, the phone carrier sends me a thing saying set up you dmz which i can not do on this mac, i have no idea how to do this, because this computer is so new, just one month old, can someone tell me step by step how to do this, i am not a computer person, i can search for things, and email, and thats about all, i can do, so i need to be told each time i have to do sometime, if anyone can help me please email me at
    thank you, from pamela

  90. I have a eMac os X and ive been trying for weeks to get this Linksys WRT54G set up and its saying im connected to the internet but ever time I try to pull up a website it says Internet cannot be found… Can someone please send me step by step instructions for a computer idiot?!?!? Im about to bash it with a ball bat here in a few hours if I cant get help… Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  91. In step 4, the only field that I can enter is the IP Address, the Subnet Mask and Router fields are not visible/editable…how do I get these fields to appear so that I can enter the information? Thanks!

  92. I followed all your directions but for some reason when I enter in the password that is saved on the lynksys interface it does not work. suggestions??

  93. I have a macbook with OS X and im trying to get my Linksys WRT54G set up correctly. I think I have the latest firmware on my computer and I think I have followed all the instructions but no luck.
    I think the router is all set up and I can see it and connect to it but when I try to pull up a website I can’t get anything?! please help

  94. The login name is either “admin” or “administrator.” All the linksys routers I ever used had ADMINISTRATOR as the user name. The password is “admin.”

    I can connect to the network wirelessly, but I am having signal problems, one second its good and the next second its dropped. The PC in the house has no signal problems at all. Its about time for an Airport Base Station…keep Mac with Mac and let the cheese be with the PC’s.

  95. Excellent info on how to setup this system. Bought it today and was wondering where the MAC setup portion was so I googled it and came across you article. Thanks so much. Instructions are very easy to follow. Life saver.

  96. @scooter – just thought i’d mention i have same issue, been using this for years now on linux and was fantastic but my brand new mbp gets the results you’ve got. i thought it was the mac till i went to a buddies house with airport, but i guess its the combination. seems to apply either via eth cable or wireless. will think of you if i find solution.

  97. I’ve been trying to set up a Linksys with my imac G5 (running 10.3.9) for several days now. This has been very helpful (I wouldn’t have known where to start otherwise), but I’m having a problem getting to the setup page. It worked at first, but then an hour or so later it refused to load anymore. I just bought the router new last week, and it’s running a new version of firmware for version 8. I can get it on my laptop (which is running windows), but that’s not useful since I still need to clone my MAC address on my mac. I’ve tried using three different browsers, so that’s not the issue, and it worked initially on Firefox. Could someone give me a hand? Email me at if you want to give step-by-step instructions. I would be immensely grateful. My main question is how to change the firmware, but I’m not even sure if that’s the problem. Gah!

  98. Hey, I have a Mac, but my brother has a PC and we share internet connections. If I make this switch will he be shafted on wireless? Or will he still get the wireless with no problems?

  99. When trying to connect to the Linksys network from a MacBook Pro, use the “Shared Key” value (provided in the Linksys admin tool) as the password to gain network access.

    This worked for me. I was able to set up the network from my Windows PC. It took me a while to figure out what to enter on the Mac when it prompted me for a network password.

  100. when I do step 6. it was asking for both username and password. what username should i put?

  101. i tried “admin” as username and nothing happens.. help please! thanks!

  102. Hi there, does your set up guide work for a MacBookPro? I f not where do I go to find it? Mac could serve us better than it is doing, don’t you think? Ana

  103. Thank you so much! I was thinking about putting the damn disk in the blender (still might), when I came across your lovely description. Now to think up a horrendous name for my network that will once again, remind my older neighbors, of why they hate us.


  105. i have done all of the steps from the website and i STILL CANNOT get internet! it is listed under my airport on the top but when i go to sign in the password it tells me that it is the wrong one. help! any suggestions?

  106. FYI, my problem was that when we visit relatives and bring 3 laptops adding to their 2 desktops and 1 laptop in the house already, then several of us couldn’t get to the Internet, although we all had strong wireless signals.

    I appreciate all the info in this site and while I didn’t find the specific answer I was looking for, after logging into the Linksys router page, I did find a setting that fixed my problem.

    The fix: in the Linksys Setup page at, we found a setting for “Maximum Number of DHCP Users”, which was set to 5. We changed it to 10 and now we all have access. Wahoo!

  107. Garret,
    I have a lynksis router and an airport. After much trying, I bypassed both and simply plugged my ethernet line from the broadband modem into the imac. We would really like wireless again. It all worked great with my old G4.

  108. If you are using username: admin and password: admin and its not working, then take a pen and hold down the reset button on the back of the router for 5 seconds until the light blinks, then try using admin for the username and password again. this worked for me! i just had to reset the previous users information that i didn’t know.

  109. Hi Garrick, just to leave you a note. Thanks much for these helpful tips. I finally do have now my Linksys properly routing ADSL signal to my PowerBook! 🙂

  110. I am trying to set up a password to lock my router using a WEP. Everything was working great until I tried to sign-in with the password on the second imac. It told me “incompatible security” and it would not allow me to connect. The computer i actually was setting the password up for works just fine it is the second computer that is not allowing me to access the internet. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
    Also WAP worked just fine on both computers.

  111. Hi Garrick,

    I was able to use this to connect my iBook G4 and a Gateway computer wirelessly, but now my desktop which is hardwired to the router is not able to access the internet. Any tips??

  112. Hi Garrick,

    So my problem is this, I get to the website where it asks for the user name and password, I put in the admin password, but the window just keeps reopening, and I can’t log into the site….

  113. You should open your SAFARI browser, and then put user as blank, and passwd as admin, if that doesn’t work, reset your router using reset pin, and then try again, mine just worked after reading the entire forum, it really worked !!!

  114. Has anyone had any luck setting up a Linksys WAP11 802.11b with a MACbook? The problem for me is there is only one spot on the back of the router for a cord – so I can’t have it attached to my computer and my cable modem at the same time…If anyone has had any luck with this I would love some help.

  115. i have used a combination of solutions and had a variety of results finally got to either being conected to the netword but cannot use the internet or fall down at the step where i have to enter the IP address of the router into the address bar but nothing happens just times out after 30sec, can u help?????

  116. I know I was completely frustrated and COULD NOT get this supposedly great router online even after reading all these posts. I was all ready to buy another router but a a last resort figured I would try the Linksys website for help.

    So I went to the “Ask Linksys” page on the LInksys website and entered “WRT54G” and “Mac OS X.” Click below to see this page.

    On this page, Linksys actually summarized the situation nicely, and provided some steps which in cluded hooking the modem to the router and the router to the Mac with Ethernet cables.

    I did all the steps and still was not online. Next I thought I would try cloning the Mac address in the router admin panel. Once I did this everything sprung to life. All computers in the house now happily humming away at 10Mbps Charter high speed!

    Hope this helps someone….

  117. What does it mean and how do you “clone” the mac address. I have a wireless WRT54GS version ONE linksys. I read somewhere that there was a firmware upgrade for versions 5 and later that fixed the MAC OS X compatibility. Does this MAC addy clone work for version 1? I have the 24in mac desktop which at first worked great when I pulled the linksys from my closet and connected it to my PC (wired). Then later in the afternoon I tried with my macbook and it wouldn’t work. Said I was connected but still no internet. Then I turned my iMac back on and it wasn’t working =( Help please! – AJ

  118. It’s fun. i have a mac, my boyfriend has a PC, and we can’t see the wireless.
    With teh ethernet cable ok,but the wireless??? ha ha, disappeared. We have a WAG350N, and can’t configure the wireless part. How come?
    Thank you all for your help.

  119. hello: im a new mac user had it 2 days and lov it!! BYE BYE WINDOWS! can anyone help me with a problem im having finding the MAC address in my Imac? im not sure about cloning or updating my WRT54G V1.1 firmware. the airport wireless is all new to me. i have internet access with a cat5 cable hooked up, but am stumped getting the wireless working. i am using the MAC filter on my windows machines and have a network printer on it. do i need a airport hub? any help with this problem would be appreciated. thank you and have a great day~rob.

  120. If you were standing in front of me I’d have to hug you!! I just spent hours on the phone with my ISP, then Apple, then Linksys… no resolution. Frustrated, I decided to continue with research of my own. (I couldn’t handle talking to one more person I couldn’t understand who wouldn’t even answer my questions…Linksys support is awful!) I stumble onto your post here and, literally, in less than a minute I have a working Ethernet connection! Considering this appears to be a long standing, known issue, I’m amazed that none of these support folks knew to try this solution.
    I still don’t have a wireless connection, but I feel that with this info in hand I might actually get somewhere when I contact tech support this time.
    Thank you for figuring this out and thank you for posting this to help the rest of us!!

  121. I had a WRT54GS with 128bit WEP that worked great with Windows XP, but a mac laptop just would not connect. I read through this forum and got to Derek’s post of 12/16/06. He said you need to put a $ in front of the WEP key when connecting with a mac. This worked like a CHARM!!! Derek is the man with the plan.

  122. Thanks for this very helpful information–using Garrick’s original instructions along with the addition by Suz on Feb 14 06 I was able to get the Linksys router to work with my eMac and Earthlink DSL service (this after receiving completely erroneous information from both the Linksys and Earthlink technical support departments). The trick, at least if you’re connected via PPPoE, seems to be remembering to deselect PPPoE each time you need to access the router set-up pages–and then reselecting it afterwards when you’re ready to access the web again. Thanks again to all for this help…

  123. Ok, my brother bought a wrt54g2 for my other brother who has a mac. It came with easy install software for both mac and pc. So I went bought the same model here in NZ and it didn’t come with mac easy install. After trying to do it manually I gave up and searched the cisco site and found the OSX easy install download. Here it is. It works a treat..

  124. Rob,

    It’s been almost a month since your post so you’ve probably already found it but for anyone else still wondering the MAC address is the same as the Ethernet ID. To find it open your Network Preferences Pane, then select Show: Built-In Ethernet and you’ll find the Ethernet ID/Mac Address written there.


  125. Took MacBook Pro on vacation and connected to wired and wireless networks with no problem. Came home and could no longer connect to the Internet with my Linksys wireless network. Airport said it was connected to the network, but browsers could not connect to the Internet. I also run Parallels and Win XP on my Mac and I could connect with no problem via Windows. Interesting… Anyway, Apple and Linksys tech support were no help, so I Googled my problem, found this site, plugged in the settings (added DNS servers of and, and now I am happily back online. Thanks so much!

  126. I found your site in hopes of freeing myself of the grief my mac and lynksis router have caused me. I set up the wireless router about 6 mos ago and it all worked well. Created a password for the router, firewalled it, etc…Today I just couldn’t get on wirelessly. My mac said it couldn’t allow me onto the secured network. My husband’s PC had no problem. I threw an ethernet cable on and it worked but not wireless. So I went SYSTEM PREFERENCES/NETWORK/AIRPORT/TCPIP/CONFIGURE IPv4 and clicked OFF. Shut her down for the day (or I would have thrown it out the window). Came back tonight, went back into IPv4 and took it off of OFF and clicked USING DHCP….and she is a working!!!!
    Can’t say I knew what I was doing, just trying everyones advice. Hope this helps someone, somewhere.
    I also tried the $ before the HEX code and my mac doesn’t allow it. I own an iBook (G3) that is running OSX 10.3.9.
    Karolina B.

  127. Thank you Garrick,,,I just go my first mac,, was told I had to buy certain things one of them was to replace my router.

    So glad I found your site, I’m up an running on my IMAC networked with XP and I”m wireless and secured now..

    Thank you ,, you sound like you maybe have some dutch heritage.

  128. Help, I can’t log on to to manage my WRT54G Linksys router. I’ve tried resetting the router using various ways, but still I can’t log on to change the router. I tried the password ‘admin’ with username blank, both username and password ‘admin’, and many other variations, including username ‘user’, password ‘password’ and ‘1234’. Nothing worked. I’m kinda frustrated here. I also pushed the reset button for 30 seconds, trying doing it while connecting to the modem, and also while not connecting to the modem, also while not connecting it to the laptop, and every other variation. Still it didn’t work. The power light is firm, the WLAN light is on as well, also the port light. I also assigned the static IP address as instructed in the beginning of this webpage. What should I do? Thanks.

  129. Can anyone help with the problem i currently have, my boyfriend has a desktop PC which has a Linksys router/modem attached to it, he set up a network which i have no problems accessing with my Windows laptop but the Mac is not getting online at all… where should i be starting…the Mac does not even list our network when you ask it to search for networks, it finds other wireless networks just fine tho…. any help, pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated.

  130. Where do I go in a macbook if I want to update the firmware for my linksys router? Step by step and where in the computer do I go? I’m new to macs so I don’t know anything about setting things up using it. Please help!

  131. I had fight and i won the battle. after many hours of searching, this is what got me up and running:

    my mac could see the netwok but no internet would come thru…

    if you are using DSL for your internet service, log to the admin window in the modem (type in your browser) just type “admin” as password leave user blank…

    then change the isp number in the first page to, save settings…

    now type again in your browser and repeat password again, now go to the status tab and if you see number in the ip address you are ok to go… this should work in most cases

  132. Garrick,
    I was able to complete steps 1-6 but once I was in my router’s control panel, I didn’t know what info from my ISP I needed to enter or where to enter it. So what do I need to enter and where do I get this information?
    Another problem, once I reset my router to gain access with the default password, I changed my password but every time I go to access the router it does not ask for a password. Why not and how do I get it to work?
    Thank you in advance Garrick

  133. Help – I followed your directions and have gotten to the part where I open my browser and enter the address using the password ‘admin’. The only problem is that it is not accpeting it. Either I am using the wrong name or password. Any solutions to this?

  134. Okay, so, you are my last hope. I am trying to figure out how to get my Linksys wireless card working on my Mac OS X. I’ve searched all over the web. Help!

  135. Hi folks, great site and great information.
    To anyone who hasn’t figured out how to set up a Linksys router yet, here’s the simple version:
    1. Unless re-configured, the out of the box address for Linksys routers is
    – Type that address into your browser’s address window to gain access
    2. Again, unless re-configured, the default username is blank – that means nothing is typed here – for older models.
    – You can also try typing in ‘admin’ without the quotes if recently purchased.
    3. The password will always be admin… unless someone has already configured this unit to use a different password.

    In a nutshell, the username/password by defaul is admin/admin or “nothing”/admin – “Nothing” means that nothing is typed.

    4. If the device was reconfigured, the unit must be reset to factory default. That means that while therouter is powered up, stick a paperclip in the back (onto the reset button) and hold for 30 seconds. Release the paperclip and remove power for 10 seconds.

    5. Power down the modem and power it back up. (this is the cable or DSL modem)

    5. After the modem is up, power back up the router and attempt to connect to it with your computer (PC or MAC – doesn’t matter). It’s factory default address is

    6. Go to the “Status” tab. This shows the connection status between the router and your ISP.

    – Be prepared to wait up to 5 minutes before this device gets connected to the internet itself. The router has to receive it’s own DHCP-assigned IP addresses from the ISP before YOU or any one else in the house can connect to the internet.

    7. Keep looking at that page until the addresses under the heading of “Internet Connection” receive actual numbers. Initially, they’ll all be zeroes.

    8. Once the router receives it’s ISP addresses, everything else connected to the router should also be able to access the internet.
    – Note that some PCs or MACs may need their internet connection re-initialized (or re-boot) the system in order to connect to the router and receive a clean connection.

    I noticed a few posts on setting the MTU (message transmission unit). If modifying this is required (which I doubt), it can be set in the router at “Setup”, “WAN” tab. The default is “Auto” which could be a problem for some devices that are unable to negotiate for the correct size. There are utilities available that will query your system for IT’S optimal MTU setting. Run such a utility (RMAC for MACs)
    Changing this setting “Manual” and then setting the manual size to whatever the utility reports should be optimal for most devices.
    Hope this helps some of you out there.

    – Drew

  136. Haven’t seen this Q posted yet…. Need to download the driver and re-install to a MAC….

    Have a brand new linksy’s that was initially installed on my roommate’s PC 2 months ago and I shared with my Mac OSX. I’ve moved out and lost the drivers in the process. I just tried downloading the driver from but it’s a .BIN file, how do I convert this to a ZIP file or something else a Mac can understand?
    Why can’t MACS and PC’s just get along & make the world a better place for all of us??!!! thanks to anyone who can help : )

  137. I was having similar problems to what a lot of other people have mentioned previously. I have an iBook G4 10.3.9 and moved into an apartment where there was a wireless connection already set up. My room mate uses a powerbook and had set up the modem and linksys router before I got there. I was unable to sign into the network and was getting the message “the password you entered for the network _______ is incorrect”. Then, for some odd reason it would log onto the network anyway but not let me connect to the internet. My airport status was orange and said that I was connected to the network using a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to access the internet.

    Confusing. I tried everything I could think of with the configuations – both my airport settings and the settings on the router. Nothing worked. Actually, the internet stopped working for my housemate too. Finally we just unplugged everything, reset the modem, reset the router, and created a new network. Everything worked perfectly when I followed the steps posted in the initial post.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Try this before you waste a bunch of time changing settings.

  138. Hi.
    After ugrading my Mac mini to Mac 10.5.8 I can not access my ADSL modem Linksys WAG200G ( by Safari. Also when I try using NetShade program (Dev. site: I received the message:
    nvalid parameter not satisfying: aString != nil
    1) I still can access my ADSL modem Linksys WAG200G ( by FireFox.
    2) I had not any problem with access my ADSL modem Linksys WAG200G ( by Safari under Mac 10.5.6 and Mac 10.5.7.


    I just have solved the problem with the ADSL modem Linksys WAG200G. Simpy I have opened the and then have deleted all strings starting with lynksys in the system folder. After doing so and restarting Safari I at last can access my ADSL modem Linksys WAG200G by Safari entering Very strange.

  139. Hello! After 3 days of major frustration trying to setup my new MacBook Pro to my linksys router I came across this site. Kim’s advice on Dec 14 06 at 4:35pm was a real life saver! Linksys tech was is absolutely NO help, and I’ll be damned if I could find any firmware to download as the Apple support people suggested. Apple was much more helpful, but they were still unable to help remedy the issue. This worked though! Thank so much everyone! 🙂

  140. We purchased a Mac OS 10.5.8 desktop and have been unsuccessful in using the Airport with our linksys WRT54G router (accessing the internet is excruciatingly slow and often times out). We have a cable modem through comcast. Linksys tech says we need an upgrade (with a warranty, etc.) for this to work. They were very pushy about it and I want a second opinion. Is that correct?

    Ok, I’m very very desperate! I have a Mac OS X 10.5 and a Linksys WRT54G V8. I’m stuck a step 6 because I’ve spent many many hours trying lots of different names and password (all in vain) because “admin” doesn’t work!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! ANYONE!!!

  142. Ok, so I’ve read through all of these comments and tried anything listed and still haven’t had any luck. I bought the Linksys WRT110 router a few weeks ago. I plugged it in and attempted to put a password on it, but I’m not sure it worked. For the first few nights it worked fine, but a few days later I noticed that around the same time every night the connection would slow down and at some points even go out completely. I’ve had problems with this before with a Windows/Linksys network. When too many people would access the router it would bog down and the modem would cycle itself. I am able to input the network information but when I get to step 6 and input the default password and user name, I get the message “The user name or password you entered for area “WRT110” on was incorrect. Make sure you’re entering them correctly, and then try again.” I have never attempted to access this page before now so I don’t understand how the user ID and password can be incorrect if I’ve never changed it.

  143. Thanks so much! i manage to set up my new Streamyx wireless modem (Riger) on Mac os X! i manage to setup all the WEP pss as well!
    Thanks so much!

  144. One thing I found from digging through the linksys web site is to change the to if you have a dsl connection. Also leave the username blank while using the admin login. I also have a Linksys travel router I picked up at a show and the login for that is different so check the device to see which login they tell you to use or google the device model and check for more information. If you are locked out press the reset button located on the device and reset to the factory defaults.

  145. Hi,
    I got a mac last christmas and it’s been fine running on the linksys wireless router since then, but last night I tried to password protect it and it worked ( I think) and my airport is saying I’ve connected to my wireless but my internet still isn’t working, and the ‘send and recieve’ lights aren’t lighting up on my modem. I’ve called the provider and they said it should be working fine. So now I’m connecting to the internet using the cable that goes into my modem. It’s really frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions, at all? Thanks for any help in advance.

  146. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! this page helped me setup my wireless in less than 5 minutes! Linksys should have a mac setup cd for their products..but in any case, im all set up! THANKS AGAIN!

  147. i have a router for first computer and the second one getting hook up by linksys but lost cd that can with it any way to hook it up

  148. I have a very old Linksys router, model BEFW11S4, which has been stalwartly providing me with a wireless network for many years. I initially used it with WEP security for my work-provided PC; then I ran my MacBook Pro on that same WEP network. I recently changed my network to use WAP security (on the advice of Linksys support); but it seems now that my wireless network drops a lot more frequently than it used to. I can usually re-establish the network by unplugging the router, resetting the cable modem, and then plugging the router back in — but why does the network keep dropping? Is there something I can change in the router configuration to keep my network from vanishing so often?

  149. OK GUYS: The username is the router name (for me WRT54GS). The username will be whatever the window says when it says “You need to connect to ******* using a password”

    And the password is not necessarily “admin”. I had my router already set up but with no password on the WiFi (but a password on the router), and I had to use the router password.

    BTW, I couldn’t find anywhere on there how to change or create a password, so I removed the password and made it a closed network so you have to type in the name of the network; you can’t see it on the list of available networks.

  150. We just bought an iMac. Had it connected directly to our DSL modem and work perfectly. I am know trying to set up a wireless Internet connection. I have done everything everyone has suggested ( probably something wrong) but still no internet. I can access the router (linksys WRT110) but I can not figure out from there. I have tried to clone my Mac address, etc. Please help out a first time Mac owner.

  151. Garrick: Your advice was helpful. I was setting up a printer, and the printer recognized my Linksys, but I hadn’t configured the Mac to recognize Linksys (hence my looking at your page). The IP address listed in the settings for the printer didn’t match what you listed in your article, so I did the same things, but with the IP address. I was able to set up my printer and computer on Linksys, thanks in large part to you. Thanks!!! David

  152. hi, i think i did something really bad. i mistakenly didn’t change the username and password, now i need the username and password to do changes. what can i do?

  153. I apologize is, in many respects, this is a retread of questions that others have posed.

    If possible, I would appreciate assistance with the following:
    For years, without incident, we have had a wireless network at home using a Linksys WRT54G router, which seems to be a very common router.

    Now, however, for the first time, I am having wireless problems that preclude me from working wirelessly.

    The router seems to work fine. I have followed online advice and reset it using an iMac (10.3.9) and a WEP password (as it was set up previously). It sends the wireless signal to the iMac, shows excellent signal strength, and connects wirelessly. No problems there.

    The problem is that I can do work from the iMac, but the iMac isn’t always available to me, especially at night, and in any event I prefer (and have become accustomed to) working wirelessly.

    We have several laptops, two Macbooks and one Dell, all of which previously connected to the wireless without problem.
    Now, however, none of them will allow me to get to the Internet—even through each of them show the network as an available network, show that the network has excellent signal strength, and (after entering the WEP password) say they are connected to the network.

    I have reset (using the reset button on the Linksys) and re-established (renaming, etc.) the network several times, using the iMac. Again, the network exists and works, as evidenced by the fact that I can get it, and use it to access the Internet, on the iMac. I just can’t get it to work on any laptops.

    Do I need to get some sort of router ID into each of the laptops, or, in the Linksys set-up, do I somehow need to enter some sort of info from the laptops? Sorry, but most of the suggestions here are over my head. I really need it to be dumbed down, and step-by-step as I can handle the most basic stuff, but beyond that I’m rather clueless here.
    Thanks so much!!

  154. I’m trying to connect the Linksys WRT54G Router to a Verizon DSL account in order to make a WiFi network for internet access without being hardwired into the DSL line. The trouble is, when I send the browser to I am sent to the Verizon account page, instead of a control panel for the router. I am also confused about how to create a new wireless network. Please advise. Thank you!

  155. Thanks for posting these instructions. I followed them to get my WRT54GL set up. One problem: The port marked “Internet” didn’t work for me. I had to use one of the other ports.

  156. The biggest problem I had configuring my WRT54G was that I initially tried to use Safari. FireFox worked Great!!! I could access the router using Safari, but when I went to save a setting it would say “page not available” or something similar.

    Long story short: Don’t use Safari when setting up your Router.
    Use FireFox!

  157. Here’s what worked for me in setting up a WRT54GL with a Netopia DSL Modem (AT & T) and Mac OS X Leopard:

    Use Firefox (Not Safari) to access On the first page, change the IP Address to (From the tips above) Apply Changes and wait…it took a while for the modem to respond.

    After many hours of troubleshooting, now have wired and wireless access.

    I hope this saves some of you some time.

  158. I am unable to access my WRT54GX4 set up page. I keep receiving the error message ‘Safari can’t open the page “” because Safari can’t connect to the server “”.

    Here’s what happened, after changing my wireless settings from WPA/WPA2 to WEP, I clicked the Client Table tab, which came up blank and somewhat garbled. I reloaded and was immediately kicked out of the router set-up page. I attempted to sign back on numerous times, uninstalled and re-installed Firefox and installed Google Chrome with no success. I’ve used every suggestion that Linksys has to offer (at least the ones I felt comfortable doing because let’s face it, I’m no computer geek) to no avail. Can someone help me out? I’m open to all advice.

  159. I recently purchased a MacBook and have been unable to set up a secure network with the Linksys (Cisco, Model WRT54GS2) router.. I had hoped to replace my old Windows PC entirely and just use my MacBook. The PC is one second away from dying a timely death (have had it for over seven years). When I used the CD and minimalist instruction manual, I was able to set up a wireless network, but it was not secure. Now someone else is using my connection, and I keep getting messages on my Mac that my ISP address is being used by someone else and to try connecting later. Sure wish I had done my research before buying!

    So, when I tried the main suggestion/post, I was unable to complete step five “Open up the ‘Network’ panel in the Mac’s System Preferences and plug-in the following specs:
    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

    All of that information was grayed out and I could not find any way to change the info that was already there.

    So, here I am with my spanking new MacBook, a PC that will not connect to the internet at all (PC problem, not the router or modem) no security and someone else using my connection and somehow blocking me from using it most of the time.

    Help please!!!!

  160. P.S. I get a similar message as Deedee:

    “” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.

  161. SUCCESS by just changing the ethernet cable from the “internet” port to one of the four numbered ports! I had tried everything else suggested above and this is the one thing that worked to get internet through the WiFi! Thank you ALEX MENDEZ DA COSTA from Jan 23 210!!!! Just changed the ethernet cable from the “internet” port on the linksys WRT54GS device to one of the 4 numbered ethernet ports. Reset the Linksys device….I then disconnected the power to all devices. Starting with the internet box, I plugged it back in and let it set for 3 minutes and then plugged in the linksys, the computer recognized it!!!!! This is after changing all the IP addresses and doing all the suggestions above and they never worked to get me on the internet even though the computer recognized the WiFi.

  162. Hello, I am having a problem with my mac connecting to internet. It says that I am connecting on my wireless network, but when I try to get on internet, it just keeps loading the homepage. I have tried the method described in the previous posting on setting the router, but still no hope. My operating system is Mac OS?version 10.6.1. Thanks so much for any help! :o)

  163. Hopefully I can offer something helpful here – this’ll be just barely discernible from the other posts. Though after spending 4 days trying to get my router working, this was this difference that got me up and running. (I eventually broke down and spent the 30 bucks for Linksys to walk me through the setup process.)
    All my problems began when I decided to hit the reset button to try and resolve some issues that turned out to not be router related – good stuff, live and learn. On to the fixing:

    (I should mention, my router is WRT54G v4, though not sure how much that matters.)
    Step 1 – with everything plugged in (power plus ethernet) and turned on – modem, router and computer – the tech had me hold down reset for 30 secs.

    Step 2 – he had me unplug the router and wait another 30 seconds.

    Step 3 – plug the router back in and wait a minute or two (never hurts to wait a little longer I feel, sometimes it takes a bit to fully cycle up).

    Step 4 – go to your network prefs
    “configure: using DHCP”
    my IP address was coming up as:
    (this apparently varies depending on your ISP)
    The tech said that info looked good. I was getting the green light on “Ethernet 1”, all seemed good (though I was skeptical, I had been here many times over the past few days). I clicked “apply”.

    Step 5 – Browser Basic Setup – I did the go to routine (typing this into the address bar), logging on using only “admin” as the password
    Step 6 – now I clicked on “Status”, my IP address was showing I was told that’s good.
    Step 7 – Next he had me go to “Setup/Basic Setup” and change my IP address to then click “Save Settings”.
    Step 8 – After clicking “Save Settings” and getting the “settings saved” page, it wasn’t able to return to the setup page, so he had me power cycle the router again (unplug it, wait 30 secs or so, plug it back it, then wait another minute or two for it to cycle up).

    That’s it! I opened a new browser window and there it was, there was the internet. A minor miracle this man achieved. Now when I log into to the setup page, I have to log into instead of the orig, and I use the same “admin” only password.
    Hope this helps some of you, I know I was at my wits end, pulling my hair out. So hopefully this’ll save some of you that grief.

    Good luck!

  164. I should mention, my posting above was only to fix the hardwire connection between my router and my desktop, you’ll still want to change the wireless network to something other than “linksys” and probably setup some sort of security for yourself, WPA or WEP, etc.

  165. I recently got an app for my iPhone that can check for accessible WiFi.

    I noticed that most sites in my area had WPA (WiFi Protected Access) security and some including mine had WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security. I had no idea what WEP and WPA were until I started investigating. Now I feel like a snail without it’s shell. Evidently WEP security is next to having none to someone with knowledge and wanting to get in. I also found out that I can upgrade to WPA with my equipment but cannot find out how. My components are: wireless router – D-Link, modem – Motorola and my system is all Mac with Airport Extreme. Do you have any specific instructions on how to do the upgrade? Thanks so much, Dennis

  166. I tried, unsuccessfully, to hook up my wireless Macbook and wired imac tonight to a Linksys router. Forget it. Spent 2.5 hours on the phone with them. Their tech people have no idea. I just think they should not put the little mac logo on the boxes if they are unable to provide support. They told me they do not really support Mac. Why then put the Mac logo on the boxes? Kind of a scam, if you ask me.

  167. So, In my System Preferences under Network, a window comes ups that says “Your Network settings have been changed by another application”. This window seems to lock me out of that entire configuaration window. How do I get rid of this?

  168. So, In my System Preferences under Network, a window comes ups that says “Your Network settings have been changed by another application”. This window seems to lock me out of that entire configuration window. How do I get rid of this?

  169. Corey, I could kiss your ass! Thank you all so very much for this website. I would NEVER pay those bastards at AT&T $100+ to help my dumb ass configure this DSL to my router (then I really would feel dumb), after already paying them for internet. You all KICK ASS! Thank you a million times thank you, thank you!!

  170. Trying to hook up mac book os with Linksys router as you have above? When I did tears ago, I remember putting in a prefix or some type of number or letter in the router password screen?? Can you help with that Router is BEFW11s4


  171. Not at all.

    It is easy enough to get to the network dialog box, but there is no obvious way to make the settings you suggest.
    In addition, exactly where did the IP address come from ? Seems like a random choice.

    My DSL modem is set to by AT&T

  172. the 192.168.x.x number is dependent on your manual (most i’ve seen are, or, but I’ve seen as strange as Check out your manual, some routers are not confined to the 192.168 standard either. 99.9% are, but it’s always safe to check your startup book (or quick start) before proceeding.

  173. What manual? Where do you find your IP address? I’ve been trying for HOURS to get this piece of poo Linksys to work with my MAC. I’m going to lose my mind. I’ve tried ALL of the suggestions. What in the %$#@ are all these numbers and where do I find mine?????????????

  174. So. I have followed all the steps listed but when I enter into the browser it keeps timing out and i can never get to the ‘password’ screen. Any suggestions, help would be greatly appreciated!

  175. This worked well, but you left out the most important part, how to password protect. If you go under wireless then click wireless security, you can select options for password. I stuck with the wpa because my computer was having issues with the wep options.

  176. Man that was great advice. Spent last night at other sites and after 2 hours no luck. Tried your advice and in less than 5 minutes my Airport lit up green and I got internet connections on my iMac and mac laptop through the Linksys router. Thanks.

  177. Thanks for the instructions. I spent a couple hours trying to follow other sites explanations. Your steps made setup easy in about 5 minutes.

  178. This helped me out a lot, but in the final step, I’m being asked for a username as well as a password, and that wasn’t provided in the instructions. What do I plug in for username? I’m losing my mind over this!

  179. ok. No tech genius here to start but after a couple hours I feel like an idiot. Any help will be great and at this point the simpler the better.
    Trying to set up Linksys(G) router. Followed above but not sure what went wrong.
    Also want to set up Netgear adapter (WG111). CD- auto run says no application.

  180. I called Mac support before even finding this web page & they told me to do exactly as you said & it worked perfectly! So your directions seem to work (at least for my router model, a Linksys WRT54GS.

    My problem is I have no idea how to password protect my network & Linksys wants to charge me $30 for a call! Forget that! I typed the IP address into my browser, got the page. But under wireless security (the Mac support person told me to use WPA2 Personal) it is asking for a WPA shared key and I have NO IDEA what that is, nor do I see any place to just simply set up a password. If anyone could help I’d REALLY appreciate it!

  181. Still having issues folks, please help, anyone?
    I’m trying to hook up Linksys Wireless-G WRT54G to my loyal Mac G5 desktop (no Airport) which was previously hooked up to HP PC and different address using AT&T modem. No help from AT&T, Linksys or Mac. No instructions for Mac in Linksys manual or CD for Mac, go figure.
    Trouble is when opening up Mac Network Panel, I need to select a location, Ethernet, PPPOe, ect. I plugged in Garrick’s specs somewhere and that was swell, but still cannot connect as my Network is now all jazzed up from previous locations settings, etc.

  182. Ok- I have to figure this out soon or I’m not gonna make it! I’m having a problem with the directions. My modem only has one ethernet port on it, so I can’t plug it into my computer and the router at the same time. What do I do?

  183. Trying tohook up wrt400 to nternet with my comcast router. Do I need info from comcast? Not working

    thx scott

  184. To Katie – your computer should plug into the router, not the modem. The cable from the modem should go into the port on the router labeled “internet”

  185. I’ve got the Linksys WRT54G up and running fine. I run two MAC books as well as windows machines. I installed the Linksys router after my other wifi router bit the dust about three weeks ago. Recently, my MACs will lose the connection and when I try to re-establish the wifi link, the macs tell me there has been an error and it won’t create the connection. Rebooting my DSL Modem and Router eliminates the problem but it’s bound to come back. I need to update the firmware on my WiFi router as that’s now been done.
    Anyone have or heard of this problem?
    Thank you

  186. I got my router from somebody , so it has been used before.I tried to reset it and configure it,but when I put the password ‘admin’ it doesn’t accept it.
    Can anybody help me???

  187. To Corey from Feb 8, 2010~

    Your advice worked great! I actually did not change any of the internet settings on my computer at home. Only the IP address on the set up page of the Lynksys address. after that, I powered down the router and started it back up again and YAAAAAAY! It worked!

    Thanks for this cool page! I love the internet.

  188. Where do I get all my ISP settings? I am not good with computers and can’t figure this out!!!!

  189. Corey I gonna try this set up, I hope I can solve my damn problem with the MF WRT54GS LINKSYS, and make my macboock works fine, thanks man.

  190. Thank you so much! I lost my linksys documentation ages ago. This worked perfectly!

  191. I’ve got the router set up, but I want to change the name and add security. Whenever I enter, safari says it can’t open the page? Any advice?

  192. I got it! Thanks! If you dont see the specs mentioned on step 5 in the Network panel you might wanna try to reset the router but holding the reset button in the back of the router for 30 seconds. I believe these specs are the default settings of the router.

    For the username just leave it blank and use the admin password.


  193. HELP! 🙂 I got my new Mac a few weeks ago and just NOW realized that I’m on someone else’s wifi. Great. Anyway, I have this marvelous Linksys (groan) and for some reason when I choose my network, there is a place for me to put my password, but the “OK” button is grayed out….. What to do? ANY info truly appreciated!

  194. Thank you. This was very helpful for getting my new MacBook Pro connected to my old Linksys WRT54GS router. So now (after hours and hours of frustration and tears) I was actually looking at the router configuration from my MacBook Pro … what to try next? All 3 PC’s work fine … but this MacBook Pro really is a stubborn mule.
    WPA didn’t work on Mac.
    WPA2 didn’t work on Mac.
    WEP didn’t work on Mac.
    Retry … WPA still doesn’t work.
    After several more hours of frustration, I decided to try upgrading the router firmware. So back over to the Windows laptop to download firmware and to install it … magic … my MacBook Pro is on the Internet! ARGH … I don’t even feel a sense of relief. I am numb.
    So if you are slowly losing your mind, try upgrading your router firmware and good luck!

  195. I’m stuck at opening the new browser window – asking for a username. It’s not working to just leave the username blank and putting in the ‘admin’ password.’ Any other suggestions? …I feel like I’m so close!

  196. For the username, I just used “wrt54gs” and it worked with the password of “admin”

  197. Instructions were great but when I get to the part where it asks for a username & password I am not able to do. I left it blank & put admin but it keeps saying “To view this page I must log into area WRT54GL on”
    I am using a wireless B broadband BEFW11S4
    THank you for reading my message & can’t wait to hear from anyone who would help me if possible. Thanks in advance

  198. Any instructions on how to upgrade the firmware on a linksys router using Mac OSX?

    Thank you in advance!

  199. Thanks so much, needed it for college. Got the system for free and really couldn’t afford anything else. Thanks again!

  200. I have the linksys e1000 and when i type in the website, just typing in admin doesn’t lead me anywhere. it says “To view this page, you must log in to area “E1000” on” How do I deal with this? Please help!

  201. When I get to the last step of re-setting the router password on the admin page a box pops us asking for a username and password. Nothing seems to work!!! Any help? Please?

  202. I have an old router that I acquired from my father but I NEED to add security to it with a password so others can’t use my wireless. I live at college in an apartment and have the router working (finally) but whenever I get to the admin page through the I type that password in that I’ve set and it works fine. But how do I set the password so others can’t use it? I keep doing it on the setup page but when I hit ‘apply’ nothing happens… UGHHH

  203. I have been stuck on the IP address login window for a really long time. I have reset my router many times and when it comes to that drop down box, admin doesn’t work. What am I missing? My wireless network is set up, but I can’t get a security password on it. I keep getting stuck by not being able to login.
    Please please help!!

  204. Awesome. I was in and setup in less than 2 minutes on my mac mini for my WRT54G. I spent an hour on Linksys website, with negative results. Thank you!!

  205. I’m trying to hook up a wrt150 wireless n router to my macbook pro (new one) and I can get to the setup for the router, but cannot get it to stream internet ___ i must be missing something — Please help! thanks.

  206. Worked like a charm! Just want to point out a couple of recommendations:
    1. On System Preferences/Network choose “DHCP”
    2. On the router admin page on Setup/MAC Address Clone enable that option.

    …I was just about to throw out my router until I tried these options… Thx a lot

  207. Kevin, I want to create a network with an iMac, a Samsung Bluray player, an HD Dish Network Receiver and a Wii Console. Have a wired linsys router (4-port) and my Motorola Cable Modem with Comcast internet.
    do you have a few magic settings to enlighten me with?

  208. Please help!

    Your description of how to first set up the router was very helpful, but now I keep getting the same two frustrating responses.

    First, I keep getting stuck at the password part. When I select my new network to join, type in my address (which I have already uploaded to the router website), I keep seeing “connection timeout.”

    Then, if I am lucky enough to get past that mess (by restarting my computer AND the router), I encounter this: all of my airport bars light up and safari tells me I don’t have internet.

    What to do???? I need help/advice! (I am plugged into the wall right now, ethernet via the separate modem).

    1. Hi Laura – did you ever get a resolution? I am having the exact same problem and can’t figure out how to fix. I even restored the linksys to factory settings and set it up all over again, no luck. Let me know!

  209. i did everything the way u said but when i type in the website it ask for username and password i know the passwords admin but what is the username

    1. Try leaving the Username field empty. That’s the default setting for my Wireless-G Home Router (WHR54G)

  210. thanks for this. I think I’m almost there. However, linguistically challenged as I am, I don’t understand “Enter all your ISP’s settings”.

    I’m assuming that I go to : system preferences>network>airport>tc/ip>

    at this point, I must manually input the information.
    What is the ipv4 address? what is it called by my provider? I’ve tried inputting what is referred to as the modem ip address, but then the apple system throws back an invalid number response, asking for a 4 digit number.
    The subnet mask # I see clearly named in the modem control panel, so no problem there.
    Then the router #, where do I find that.

    Sorry for my complete lack of knowledge in this realm, but very grateful that you all are out here to make the oh-so-ez apple function with the rest of the PC humanity in my house.

  211. your page helped me alot in setting up my linksys however Im not sure how to add a password to my network? internet is getting progressively slow because other people are smooching off my service can u help?

  212. Thank you. That worked perfectly- I was shocked to receive the linkys with no mac instructions but I was sure cracker-jack mac enthusiasts would have a solution. Took seconds to set up.

  213. This was very helpful after hours of struggle – BUT – I can’t get my browser (Safari) to recognize the . So I went through the Netgear wireless connection and after following the prompts all the way through, it’s asking for the “Network Key.” Where would I find that? It says it must be 10 or 26 characters and appears to be the ONLY thing missing. Can you help?

  214. The Network Key is a security key/numbers when you connect wirelessly. If you set up a password/passphrase it should generate a key that you need to use on your computer in order to connect properly.

    To get to the address appear in safari, use a ethernet cable and try that address again. Once inside your router you should be able to see what the wireless Network key is(write it down) and add it to your wireless settings on your computer.

  215. When I enetered the pw, “Safari can’t open up the page”
    Safari can’t open up the page “” because the server where this page is located isn’t responding.
    Thats what it said. Could anyone please help me?

    1. i had this problem as well so i opened a different browser… i used firefox and had no problems, i think safari is sensitive connecting to the linksys configuration setup. hope this helps

  216. I have successfully reclaimed power over my Linksys 54GL router. I have put in a SSID of my own, with my own WEP passphrase and keys. However, the original “Linksys” SSID is still broadcasting, unsecured, and full access. I don’t understand how one router can broadcast two distinct SSIDs, especially since I have no control over the Linksys SSID, I feel vulnerable and unprotected. Any suggestions?

  217. I am having trouble because it asks for a name before the password. I have tried using admin for both and also leaving the name blank, but neither work.

    Please help!

  218. I am totally lost after trying to open the browser window to put in the password “admin”
    first of all, even when i have internet that website wont open and of course i cant put the password in if the page doesnt open. please help!!!
    thank you!

  219. just do an internet search for linksys router passwords, there are a couple of websites that will confirm your what your exact linksys models password should be. just a thought

  220. I followed the instructions and had my wireless up and running in about 5 min. BUT my browser couldn’t connect. So I had to go back to the http://192…page. After I updated my preferences for the router under the ‘wireless’ and ‘wireless security’ pages THEN you have to go to the administration tab and update everything there. Once I updated that password everything is working like a dream!! Thanks everyone for all the help!

  221. I have not been able to connect any device other than my modem directly to my PPC G5 single core running 10.5.8. I first tried a Belkin n150 wireless router that I hardwired to the ethernet port on the PPC. It runs my PC netbook wirelessly fine, but no response from the Mac. I get a white screen in my browser when trying to connect to the internet or to the Belkin control panel, even though Network preferences is showing connected and the Belkin software installation showed a successful connection. So I tried a Linksys BEFSR41 4-port switch router. Connected the wireless router into it and the PPC into the WAN port. Again, the netbook worked fine wirelessly. Used your settings in Network Preferences and all I get is the white screen in Safari. No connection to the internet or to the router control panel. I’m beginning to think my PPC is missing something internally. Again, it connects fine if plugged directly into the modem, but trying to connect a router doesn’t seem to work.

  222. As far as the ISP’s Settings go I didn’t know what to put in when following these steps, but I did get it to work, so I’ll detail what I entered:
    – Once I got to the router settings page, I set the Local IP Address on the Basic Setup tab to
    – When I put that new IP Address ( into my Network control panel on my mac, it gave me a couple of DNS server addresses, so in the Basic Setup tab I put those addresses in the first two DHCP Server slots: Static DNS 1, and Static DNS 2.
    – I went to the MAC Address Clone tab and hit the button “Clone Your PC’s MAC”. I didn’t do anything with the new MAC Address that appeared, I just hit the button.
    – At this point I unplugged my ethernet and everything was working. I went back into the router settings page under Wireless->Basic Wireless Settings and gave my router a new name.

    I hope these steps help people!

  223. Thank you so much!
    After your instructions setting this thing up went super easy!
    Had to find out a bit for myself at step 6, but my network is up and running!

  224. Garrick, your the man !
    The router is working although it is probably the slowest turd of a router i have ever used.
    Thanks for the setup instructions.

  225. Hi, i have a macbook air 13 inches, no ethernet slot. trying to connect with a linksys wireless router. Im confused. as I am trying to connect to a wireless router, i shouldnt be connecting both mac and router. but cant figure out how to do it! can you please help me?
    cheers from Argentina

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