The New Apple Product Dilemma

Apple’s been great about keeping their product offerings simple and straight forward. Historically, the biggest question when deciding on which Apple computer to purchase was:

Do I want the power & storage of a desktop or the portability of a laptop?

Even today, the prices between a 2.4GHz iMac and a similarly spec’d 2.0GHz Mac Book differ by only $125 ($1274 vs $1399 respectively).

At that price difference portability easily wins over processor speed.

Today, the same dilemma exists between the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Do I want the power & storage of the iPod Touch or the persistent connection of the iPhone?

16GB iPhone: $1979.751
16GB iPod Touch: $299

Wow. I didn’t expect that.

Since I’m not excited about being an AT&T customer again and am good with WiFi as my network – I guess it’s not really a dilemma. Huh.


1. $299 + (($30 AT&T iPhone data plan + $39.99 AT&T 450 min/mn voice plan) * 24 month contract).

12 thoughts on “The New Apple Product Dilemma

  1. I have no idea what I would do with myself if my iPhone suddenly turned into an iPod touch.

    How in the world would I find myself and my route anywhere I happen to be? How could I check and respond to critical emails when I am out and about?

    Fully 80%+ of my iPhone experience is on-the-go where there is no Wi-Fi. I have no idea what in the world I would use an iPod touch for.

  2. What functionality are you using on getting an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone? Obviously you’re not getting the phone aspect — does the iPod Touch still have access to all the same applications via wifi? What about GPS?

  3. Wouldn’t the true cost of the iPod Touch have to include your current cell phone plan? Because in theory with the iPhone you wouldn’t have to pay for an additional cell phone like you do with the Touch.

  4. Regardless of who your provider is, you’re already paying for a cell phone. I would only count the difference, personally. For me, it was $199/299, since I was already with AT&T on a BlackBerry with a data plan.

    Now, If I would’ve been on a non-smart phone with another provider, my choice would’ve been iPod Touch as well.

  5. Jodi – I think John hits the high point, if you’re already with AT&T and spending at least $70/mn anyway, it’s a non-issue. Neither apply to me. You are correct, if you want a more precise measure of the price difference, compare the monthly plan prices of AT&T and your current plan. My hunch is it either comes out even or to the iPod Touch’s advantage. I’d be interested to see the numbers that come out to the iPhone’s advantage.

  6. That’s good information to know. I am using a non-smart phone on another provider and hadn’t even considered the Touch. I was just gonna go for the iPhone when my contract ran out. Now I need to investigate and make a decision. Curse you and your useful information!

  7. that is only a fair compairson if the touch means you also go cell-phone-less. For me, it is iPhone 1G for $500 + 20/month x 24 months = $980. It is still more, but very much worth it.

  8. “At that price difference portability easily wins over processor speed.”

    I disagree! Actually, I used to agree, but then I had a chance to sit in front of a large iMac for a while. The user experience of a MacBook and iMac are both great, but they are definitely different.

    Granted, some people REALLY need the portability. But I think there’s folks like me that THOUGHT they needed it, but ultimately just carry it to the couch, at most.

    I think Apple is clever and the iMac screens are *just* big enough to be a compelling difference with a MacBook.

    So…to carry on your comment about the iTouch, I think the decision maybe is more of:

    MacBook vs. iMac + iTouch/phone

  9. I can’t justify the cost of an iPhone either. My cell phone usage is low and we survive nicely with T-Mobile pay-as-you-go.

    I love my Touch and it’s amazing how many places I discover unlocked Wi-Fi networks. Just discovered Tweetie for Twitter on the Touch and I’m really liking it’s features which include multiple accounts (so you can also manage your darker side). Costs $2 I think but the developer is active and responsive.

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