First Crack 113. Tim Coyne on How Hollywood Works

I was interested in how Hollywood actors promote themselves, find work, and generally build a career. So, I called up Tim Coyne of The Hollywood Podcast for the break down.

We cover auditions, agents, reels, and the side jobs that keep the bills paid.

[40 min].

One thought on “First Crack 113. Tim Coyne on How Hollywood Works

  1. This guy knows what he’s talking about. I’d refer any aspiring actor to the Hollywood podcast. In fact, Tim could mentor young actors trying to figure out how to lead balanced lives in LA, how to make their own rain when the phone isn’t ringing, etc. A day in the life of a “working actor” book might also be in order. I commend Tims “nerves” for lasting ten years. I only lasted two.

    Kudos again Mr. Van Buren!

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