The New Apple Product Dilemma

Apple’s been great about keeping their product offerings simple and straight forward. Historically, the biggest question when deciding on which Apple computer to purchase was:

Do I want the power & storage of a desktop or the portability of a laptop?

Even today, the prices between a 2.4GHz iMac and a similarly spec’d 2.0GHz Mac Book differ by only $125 ($1274 vs $1399 respectively).

At that price difference portability easily wins over processor speed.

Today, the same dilemma exists between the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Do I want the power & storage of the iPod Touch or the persistent connection of the iPhone?

16GB iPhone: $1979.751
16GB iPod Touch: $299

Wow. I didn’t expect that.

Since I’m not excited about being an AT&T customer again and am good with WiFi as my network – I guess it’s not really a dilemma. Huh.


1. $299 + (($30 AT&T iPhone data plan + $39.99 AT&T 450 min/mn voice plan) * 24 month contract).

AT&T – Getting an Annoying Band Back Together

With the recent purchase of Bell South, it’s like you’re least favorite band getting back together for a reunion tour. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth but at least it’s hard to ignore.

Of all the telecom services the new (same as the old) AT&T offers; mobile, long distance, local, DSL, etc. Only 1.5 of them matter; DSL and mobile. Mobile only matters until a wifi cloud approximates current mobile coverage. Leaving DSL – high speed internet services. Everything else can ride on top of that. (Yes, I’m seriously considering dropping our remaining landline phone for a Skype number.)

This means Net Neutrality is the telecom issue. More on this in Public Knowledge’s Good Fences Make Bad Broadband article.