First Crack 81. Omar Ansari Talks Surly Beer

Fewer than 6 months after seling the first keg of Surly Beer, Omar Ansari and I talk about starting a microbrewery in Minnesota. He shares the challenges of finding brewing equipment, zoning, and getting Surly into local bars and restaurants.

We also do a live tasting of Surly’s new Belgian Saison-esque CynicAle

Listen to Omar Ansari talk Surly Beer [34 min]

2 thoughts on “First Crack 81. Omar Ansari Talks Surly Beer

  1. Thanks for that interview. A lot of homebrewers do dream of starting their own brewery and listening to the accounts from the homebrewer who actually take the plunge is a little taste of vicarious living. The CynicAle sounds good; I’m really into Saisons, so it would be interesting to try their interpretation. Local beer is a wonderful thing, if you are local.

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