Giving the Gift of Listening

David Weeks from Peppermint CDs invited me to join him at a talk by David Isay of the StoryCorp project as part of MPR’s Broadcast Journalism breakfast series.

It was an amazing way to start the morning. Inspiring. I see StoryCorp and podcasting solving the same problem – getting everyday stories heard. Your family’s stories, your friend’s stories, the stories more important and more powerful than those on the 10 o’clock news. Inspiring stories told by these people in voices filled with honesty and authenticity. These are not stories interrupted by car ads and they won’t be repeated every 15 minutes for to keep the Arbitron ratings up. These are our stories.

I urge all of you to grab a microphone, sit down with someone close to you, hit record, and listen. StoryCorp has set up a Do-It-Yourself intervew and recording guide.

David Weeks, thank you again for allowing me to join you. This was an inspiring way to start the day.