Pricing, Product, and Pipeline for Solopreneurs


Solopreneurs are fantastic at doing everything that needs to be done in their business.

Sometimes, this means they don’t spend enough time working on their business – working on those things that provide the foundation for their unique definition of business success.

The three places I’ve see solopreneurs struggle the most:
– Pricing (both setting and raising)
– Product (what are their products, how are they distinct?)
– Pipeline (who are the customers, where are the customers, what can we predict about sales?)

If you’re currently stuck in any of these three, hit ‘add to cart’ and let’s get you unstuck – even just a little.

Once I receive your purchase confirmation, we’ll schedule a 50-min phone call to dive in on your most pressing ‘P’ (Do put ‘product’, ‘pricing’, ‘pipeline’, or ‘all 3’ in the ‘Order Notes’ section of check out).