Technorati & Tag Maker for MarsEdit

I’m a big fan of MarsEdit, I use it for all my weblog posting. The other day, I was wondering about making any arbitrary text a Technorati Tag.

The result was the Tag Maker Applescript for MarsEdit.

It takes any selected text and appends a ‘(t)’ to it linking to the corresponding tag at Technorati, or a ‘(d)’ for tags, or both and now with ‘(f)’ for Flickr. For example: MarsEdit (), Applescript ( ).

Download the Tag Maker AppleScript

For suggestions, comments, and all other ongoing concerns with this plugin, head over to the Tag Maker dedicated page

If you’d rather the tags display all together at the bottom of the post, check out Laura Lemay’s MarsEdit / Technorati Tag Applescript

How to use the Tag Maker AppleScript

  1. Copy the Tag Maker script to your MarsEdit Scripts folder
  2. Select some text in a post
  3. Select Tag Maker from MarsEdit’s Scripts Menu
  4. Be amazed at the wonders of technology

Download the Tag Maker AppleScript

Version History
v1.2 (released 27 April 2005)
– Added ‘(f)’ for Flickr
– Added instructions for creating keyboard shortcut for the tagmaker script (cmd+shift+T)
– Special thanks to shaners 0 matic 8000 for both of these suggestions.

v1.0 (released 16 March 2005)
– Hello World

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