What I Want from Diapers – At a Glance Color Indicators

There are a number of indicators to determine if Cooper’s diaper needs a changing:

  1. Is he screaming?
  2. Does the front of the diaper feel and look full?
  3. Are his clothing, blankets, or crib wet?

As you can see, all the items in this list are what economists call lagging indicators. In addition, two of them have fairly unpleasant consequences.

Continuing my thoughts that diapers should be made for parents, not kids (i.e. 86 the cartoon characters) – I think diapers should change color based their ‘status’. Yes, exactly like those dorky Generra Hypercolor shirts from the late ’80s.

Then, I can see – at a glance if this is why Cooper’s alarm is going off.

Sure, the entire diaper changing color would be nice. I’d also be up for geo-political trivia, where the answer is displayed upon saturation.

Huggies, Pampers, Anything in R&D along these lines?

UPDATE 26 March 2007
Along the same lines:

“I was surprised at changing time with a message on J’s diaper: “My Last Diaper!” — a message from one of her teachers that we needed to bring in another batch of diapers”Sara Brumfield via Parenthacks

2 Replies to “What I Want from Diapers – At a Glance Color Indicators”

  1. How can you tell the color if his clothes are on?

    How about an audio signal instead? A small insistent beeping when the diaper hits a certain moisture level.

  2. Pek,

    I’ve already got the insistent beeping when the diaper hits a certain moisture level. 😉

    I’m looking for something to help me confirm the insistent beeping is in fact due to the moisture level.

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