10th Time’s the Charm

Planet Kubb Scoresheet 10 + stats

For almost 2 years, Jamie and I have been working on a 1-page form to easily and quickly document a kubb game while it’s in progress. The latest version (iteration 10) incorporates a stats section to quickly calculate team performance (without an electronic device). This latest iteration also solves the awkwardness knowing which team opens a game and displays all the elements of the Planet Kubb Game Notation.

My graphic design side is especially proud of how all the elements fit into place in a usable way. The credit I believe has to do with: understanding how the Scoresheet will be used (dozens of tournament games were scored), aggressively removing insignificant/unused elements, and stopping when we ran out of actionable information. You know – applying Design Principles.

More about the new Planet Kubb Scoresheet here.

Here’s four of the previous iterations for comparison:
Iteration #9
Planet Kubb Scoresheet 9
Iteration #7
Planet Kubb Scoresheet 7
Iteration #4
Planet Kubb Scoresheet 4
Iteration #2
Planet Kubb Scoresheet 2

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