13 Levels of Engagement: Football Edition

There are a small number of NFL games I watch each season. Sunday’s Vikings vs. Packers game always makes the list. Sitting in the comfort of my own home – just a couple miles from where this down-to-the-wire game was played – my mind wondered how engaged I was in the game.

I sketched out this scale:

  1. Reading about the game
  2. Writing about the game
  3. Listening to commentary on the game
  4. Watching the game on television
  5. Commentating on the game
  6. Changing your clothes for the game
  7. Betting on the game
  8. Watching from the stands
  9. Watching from the bench
  10. Refereeing the game
  11. Coaching the game
  12. Playing the game
  13. Being the ball

(I’m a 4. Even my son’s a 6.)

Notice the further down the scale we go, the fewer the number of people participating and the greater their participation.

Seems consistent with the 1% power law behind Wikipedia.