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The High Touch of the HP TouchPad

Just placed my order for the HP TouchPad.

While the “I’m interested” was handled online & confirmed via email, the reserve and subsequent order were both handled over the phone. The reps on the other end were very courteous and comfortable, and non-pushy. They even reminded me of their 21 day return policy.

An experience that made me think HP is really committed to the success of the TouchPad and the experience of it’s early adopters.

I’m excited for this devices, primarily because the WebOS operating system seems much more like how I expect the UI on these devices to work. Rather than this hunt-and-peck application selection model of iOS and Android devices. To Android’s credit, I have been able to fake an ambient information display and get the screen icons much more granular than iOS supports.

Lastly, I think Apple’s decision to de-emphasize the Dashboard/Widget model betrays their inability to innovate on the software side.

Not Like I Actually Collect Viruses

It’s Friday and I’m about 95% of normal.

For the second time this year – I collected a strange virus. I found this one Monday afternoon. It’s similar to the flu in that it takes you out for days on end. Though, unlike the flu – there was no fever. And I caught it in June, not January.

Here’s how to identify it on the street:

  • a constant, massive, throbbing, unthinkable, headache for 4-days straight
  • just enough nausea to make you not trust eating
  • chills and heat flashes cycle through a couple of times a day
  • whole body aches for the first 2 days
  • swollen glands and a scratchy throat the 2nd 2 days

I treated it with 10-15 hours of sleep a night and a few doses of regular-strength acetaminophen.

It was unpleasant, unexpected, disorienting, and nameless. I hope we never meet again.