Friday, 3 April 2015

My Ideal Day

5:00a: Awake, brush, floss, situps, pushups
5:15a: 5-mile run
6:00a: 20-minute meditation
6:20a: Start coffee, shower, shave, dress well
6:30a: High-protein breakfast
6:45a: Morning ideation
7:00a: Breakfast with the kids
8:30a: Write for 30 minutes
9:00a: Do the most important work of the day
1:00p: Lunch meeting w/ a coaching client @ a new restaurant or brewery
2:00p: Process new messages (email, post, voicemail)
2:30p: Choice time; kubb, nap, art museum, more writing, cooking, brewing, make art
4:30p: Daily review
5:00p: Make and have dinner as a family
6:30p: Walk with the family around the neighborhood, put kids to bed.
8:00p: Time together with Jen
9:30p: Journal writing & preview of tomorrow
10:00p: Bed