A Recording in Any Medium Still Isn’t Buttermilk Pie

Rex Hammock doesn’t declare downloading music and video is the same as being there, but a PDF of a magazine is akin to a photograph of Buttermilk pie.

All recordings are “photographs of buttermilk pie”. A pale, pale substitute for being there. It continues to baffle me how digital artifacts are treated differently – images verses photographs verses text verses audio verses video.

Like the example I’ve used before, iPhoto can read from any number of cameras – but iTunes won’t allow the same library on multiple iPods. Makes no sense.

One Reply to “A Recording in Any Medium Still Isn’t Buttermilk Pie”

  1. I think the point I was attempting to make careened off course because I couldn’t agree with you more — especially as it relates to the DRM’d versions of audio/video files. l stand corrected.

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