A Warning to Restaurants: I Can’t Taste You

There’s been more than a couple times I’ve ordered something to drink or eat out with family and the order gets mixed up and we don’t realize it until I’ve already eaten not my order.

Turns out, unless the food’s flavors are obvious, loud, and complex, I don’t notice them.

This so clearly explains why I can’t tell the difference between a pineapple or a banana milkshake and the difference between a roast beef or an italian sandwich at Potbelly’s.

Sure puts my restaurant reviews in a different light.

  1. Oh, how do you know if you should apply for special parking as well:
    Dump a packet of Sweet-n-Low into a high ball of water.
  2. Stir
  3. If you taste overwhelming sweet, welcome to the club. If you taste crazy bitter, you’re probably not crazy about vegetables.