About the First Crack Podcast

Debuting on October 13, 2004, the First Crack Podcast gets its name from the first point in the coffee roasting process where the bean is drinkable. This initial stage is when the unique character and flavore of the bean is the strongest. In each episode of the First Crack podcast, I highlight interesting people and projects in their own words, capturing their own passion and personality.

The show was mentioned in St. Paul Pioneer Press article (“Tuning in to regional podcasts”) and receives approximately 1000 requests for a new show from subscribers each day.

— Garrick Van Buren
Host & Producer

Listener Comments on the First Crack Podcast

“I’d like to say I really enjoy the First Crack podcasts. It’s like a home made NPR Fresh Air podcast. Interesting guests that always seem to teach you something you didn’t know you wanted to know. I’m listening to a lot of podcasts trying to figure out if I really want to start my own. Thanks for setting the good example. I took a quick look at the rest of your sites and links, all interesting stuff. Keep up the good work”

Jonas. 08 April 2005

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