Adpaper Subscriptions Hold Steady

This morning, staring at the messed up stack of folded broadsheets, I felt bold and broached the subject.

“Honey, I’d like to rethink our subscription to the Sunday paper.”

After an expectedly tense moment, she replies.

“What’s the problem with me perusing a few weekly ads maybe reading the comics. It’s not an extravagant expense.”

Well, she’s got me there.

3 thoughts on “Adpaper Subscriptions Hold Steady

  1. I agree with Ed. The ads are the one reason my wife would make her case for a subscription. Crazy that people pay money to receive advertisements. Me? I enjoy reading other people’s papers…mostly on holidays.

  2. Greg, you crack me up. I think it’s crazier that accept advertising for such a small price. I’m happy to receive ads – I just want to pay full price for them. None of this subsidized-something-else-ness. Again, I’m all for receiving the ads, let’s just not kid ourselves and hide it in bad writing.

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