An Evil Genius With the Personal Touch

I received my Evil Genius stuff package from Dave Slusher today. If you’re not familiar, Dave’s selling the Gentle Readers’ HiHoney and EGC t-shirts to support both his podcast and the band.

This month, he’s donating $25 of the $35 to the Red Cross. How could you not support that.

Opening up the package; yes, there’s a t-shirt and yes, there’s CD. Neatly tucked in the shirt are two pleasant surprises.

  1. August 27/28 from Dave’s George Carlin Quote of the Day calendar. Entertaining in itself. Flip it over and there’s a personal, handwritten note from Dave.
  2. Dave’s business card promoting Evil Genius Chronicles and Voices In Your Head. Again useful and hand in itself. Flip it over, and it’s one of Hugh Macleod’s gapingvoid blogcards. You know I’m a big fan of Hugh. Yeah, that really made my day.

Thanks Dave and yes, there’s photo forthcominghere’s the photo:

Evil Genius Style Council - Van Buren Branch