Another Reason I Can’t Support Minnesota Public Radio

First off, I never contributed millions (or even thousands) to public radio. A couple hundred bucks here and there. And I know a couple people employed by the Minnesota Public Radio. Heck, I even helped them usability test their site a while back. Kinda fun sitting on the other side of the desk.

That said, I haven’t contributed recently nor do I foresee doing so. I don’t agree with their Next Standard in Public Radio campaign. I especially don’t agree with their copyright infringement suit against Current.TV – the audience-generated, Al Gore-backed Current TV Network. His project to “democratize television.”

I wish MPR felt the same way about radio. Oh well, back the podcasts.

Thanks to Tod Maffin for the tip.

My personal favorite comment on the topic over at MNSpeak:

“Get a grip MPR. Are you going to sue NPR next because it’s one letter off from your name?”

Other food for thought from the discussion – ‘the Current’ is the new ‘JackFM’

2 thoughts on “Another Reason I Can’t Support Minnesota Public Radio

  1. The Current is easily the best music station in town, but it still wears me out to listen to it.

    It’s an age thing, but I really don’t miss modern rock. At all.

  2. Wege, I agree with you and that’s more a comment on the sorry state of radio than anything else. With 40 GB of music, when I want to hear something again, I’ll hit replay. When I listen to the radio I want to be introduced to new music. When I listen to a station as local as 89.3, I want music exclusively from local musicians. We have the talent to support it, as a public station – I see this as their obligation.

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