Your Own, Personal Winecast

Tim’s giving away a pretty cool prize (his expertise just for you – for a year) for the winner of the A Menu for Hope III.

There’s something else in there about using weblog technologies (RSS, etc) for one-on-one, hyper-niche conversations. I think in I need another cup of coffee to sort through it though.

One thought on “Your Own, Personal Winecast

  1. Tim

    You’ve given me a great idea for the winner of this prize, Garrick. Weekly “Fastcast” style podcasts done for the winner… perhaps I’ll use Odeo’s recording studio or hack something else like you have done to make this practical?

    I’ll also just create a blog category for my text stuff and send down Winecast with a special feed created for the winner aggregating this content, which is what I was originally planing.

    See you at MinneDemo this evening.

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