Should I Be Relieved or Concerned?

While undigging from the vacation backlog, I peaked into a BaseCamp account I’m using for a handful of projects and received this message:

Uh. Um. Well. Guess I’ll just toss that To Do list into the trash and head for the beach.

On a related note – while going for my daily walk last Thursday (just happened to be around residential Brussels) I listened to Tim Coyne’s UNKEMPT #12 – Plans.

In it, he digs into a fear I’ve faced head-on more than a couple of times: being responsible for another person’s well-being. Doesn’t matter if this is a partner or a child. The stakes get higher when there’s someone else “riding on your scooter” as Tim puts it.

From my perspective – the good stuff happens on the other side of the fear. There’s something motivating about that obligation.

Hey Tim, metaphorically speaking – maybe it’s time to ditch the scooter. 😉

As always, Tim talks about this fear honestly and openly, if you haven’t given these a listen yet – you should.

One thought on “Should I Be Relieved or Concerned?

  1. Yo Garrick!

    Thanks for continuing to support me and my show.

    I couldn’t agree more – “the good stuff happens on the other side of the fear.”

    Hope all is well!


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