ATTN Entrepreneurs: Customers Won’t Wait

Everyone has a rich and busy life, and each day we all have a lot on our minds, including persistent frustrations.

Over time, we either resolve the frustration through some sufficiently satisfactory solutions or we simply accept it as a “that’s just how it is.” Suddenly, a solution is no longer required.

Entrepreneurs are racing against time to make their new solution wildly successful – before customers either find another solution to their pain or simply accept it. As both of those outcomes eliminate the appetite for even trying something new.

This law of entropy of disinterest is one of many reasons I advise entrepreneurs to find creative ways of helping customers today, tomorrow, next week, well before their product is ready to be ‘launched’.

Don’t wait to provide something. Customers won’t wait, their pain and frustration is today, they’ll continue looking for solutions while you’re off building The Perfect Thing, and the longer it takes, the more likely they’ll find something else.

Instead, be the reason a customer stops looking for a solution. Be the reason they’re relieved and delighted as they pay you.