Babe Ruth: 1330 Strike Outs – 714 Home Runs

Steve is wondering how to break through the din of our post-scarcity world.

I see the lowering of the barriers to publishing very much an opportunity. An opportunity to move faster, publish faster, and continue to lower the barriers for getting interesting applications out to the world. Evan says this is Obvious.

The photo Steve used reminded me that Babe Ruth struck out nearly twice as many times as he hit a home run.

Thing is, getting a hit (being Dugg, Slashdotted, etc) actually hurts. It can take down your server and give you crazy bandwidth bills. The long tail doesn’t accommodate spikes very well.

I’m good with consistently getting on base. Keeps the game moving.

UPDATE 3 Nov 2006:

“The mistake bloggers often make (actually, all marketers make sooner or later) is the believe that being popular is its own reward.” – Seth Godin

One thought on “Babe Ruth: 1330 Strike Outs – 714 Home Runs

  1. Absolutely GREAT point! I’d totally forgotten all the speeches where someone had pointed out just that fact (strikeouts vs. home runs).

    That’s the hallmark of what’s worked for me in all my past adventures: just try stuff, adjust, try stuff, adjust, until something works or I figure it out.

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