Be Progressive, B-E Progressive

On my daily walk last night, I saw a campaign sign for the Independent candidate running in the 5th Congressional District.

Odd, I thought this race was a foregone conclusion.

Then I find this bit from Mark over at Norwegianity:

“..the Cities hoi polloi desperately don’t want Ellison in Congress. He doesn’t owe them squat, and is likely to be a little hard of hearing when the corporations and mega-non-profits come calling. It’s been a long time since I thought public radio or TV deserved any public money. Sleep with pigs, wake up smelling bad.”

Ouch. Though, it makes me wonder if the blue, italic “Be Progressive” on her website isn’t product placement.

The notion that independent candidates might be more attractive to corporations makes me giggle a little. Then, the cynical side of me says it’s the only way the party will get enough traction to win more than 10% of the races.

One thought on “Be Progressive, B-E Progressive

  1. I’m hardly an authority on local politics, but the turnover of a safe seat is a very big thing, and the powers that be simply aren’t kissing Ellison’s ass the way they should be.

    I think they still think they can pull off a big surburban surprise, and if so, Tammy Lee will owe a lot of people an awful lot.

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