BitPass Bites the Dust.

Just received and email from saying they are no longer:

Dear Valued Bitpass Merchant

We want to thank you for your past business, however due to circumstances beyond our control, we are discontinuing our operations…”

“On January 26, all US Bitpass Buyer accounts will be closed and we will begin the process of refunding all unspent monies to the accountholder”

Kinda sad, I remember Scott McCloud was using BitPass to sell access to his online comics.

As of this writing, has yet to reflect this development.

One thought on “BitPass Bites the Dust.

  1. I’m shocked, stunned, to read this. I was pinning the success of my own start-up e-business on becoming one of their mechants. Has any information emerged as to WHY it happened/what were the circumstances beyond their control?

    Perhaps even more importantly – where do we go from here? Does ANYONE else provide a similar service?

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