Born Rich? Take the Pill Instead.

We watched Born Rich tonight. Props to Jamie Johnson for putting it together…but that, as someone not born rich is all I can give him. Or, maybe it’s that I’m not 21 any more…or maybe it’s because I’ve always known (or had some inclination) of what I’ve wanted to do with my life…I have a difficult time relating to people that don’t know why they wake up in the morning. Rich or not.

All but one of the heirs seemed to use their wealth as an excuse for not making more of themselves. Hell, then what excuse do the millions of not-rich people have? Perhaps Johnson assumed this ambivalence about life’s work was unique to his small, tight, circle of super-rich friends. If so, he should get out more.

As a film, it was an obvious debut effort. Like Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash – some good ideas were left unexplored, others overplayed, the overall feel is immature and simplistic, simply because the author is still figuring out the medium. (I stand corrected, Snow Crash was Stephenson’s third novel, ouch).

In any case….Dan Klass basically covered the same topic in Bitterest Pill #77 – concluding with something to the effect of; the only difference between rich and non-rich people is money. I enjoyed my time with Dan much more.

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  1. I interact with a lot of wealthy people and over 95% of them are unhappy and will admit they have the void Dan spoke of in TBP #77.

    When I ask them about this the response always seems to be the same: “Well, its better to be rich and unhappy, then poor and unhappy.”

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