Boyd’s Annual Opt Out

“While I’m away, my lovely procmail file (aka “filtering software”) will direct all of my email to /dev/null (aka “the permanent trash”). I will not be reachable. The only person that I stay in contact with while I’m gone is my mother because it’s just too cruel to my mom to disappear entirely. Twitter and my blog will also loudly proclaim my MIA-ness. But the bigger issue is that I will return to a zero-inbox. Nothing sent to me during my email sabbatical will survive. All senders will receive a lovely bounce message saying that their message” – Dana Boyd

“I do feel guilty not personally responding to these people to say that I’m unavailable but that’s precisely the point… My boss gets it; my collaborators get it; my friends get it. And they like me a lot better when I’ve taken a vacation recently.” – Dana Boyd, How to Take an Email Sabbatical