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“Perhaps one of the biggest advancements technology can make in our lives comes when we realize the power of simply turning it off for a while.” – James Shelley

(ht patrickrhone)

Personally, I keep my phone not in my pocket, but in my bag with the rest of my connectivity gadgets. When it’s charging on the wall, there’s a pretty good chance its in Airplane mode and I’m elsewhere.

When the telephone was first introduced, it was a synchronous medium. Today – with voicemail, text messages, and the like, it is much more of an asynchronous medium. Giving us the power to use it on our terms.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The most important things are quiet

“…it’s easy to be distracted and place value on outside noise instead of focusing on the task at hand or important things in life. With this…I am taking myself out of FB and quieting the noise around me. It’s just not necessary for me to keep in touch with those that mean the most to me.” – a recently deactivated Facebook friend

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